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Combat Ops... How much will I need to pay you to help me?

Will you hire Combat Ops?  

147 members have voted

  1. 1. Will you hire Combat Ops from imperium?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Will you hire mercenaries not from imperium?

    • Yes
    • No

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Depends on the risk of the contract. A low-med risk would be like what everyone has said around 20% of the profit, while a high risk contract will be around 40-50%. (Well maybe 30-40% if your an imperium member)

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I plan to do the same and offer my services for escort. Have not given too much thought into payment yet cause it will depend

On how things work out when game is released. I for one just want my ship, fuel, insurance covered and a decent flat fee which is TBD.

All the talk about % of the profit is nice but some is a bit too high.

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I have attempted twice to get clarification from CIG about payment stuff, or if they were just going to leave it up to us to get out the calculator and do the math.

If there is not some sort of auto payments, then scams and others exploits will rule the day outside of Organizations. They do not need that much mayhem.


The ONLY simple solution is to Share a mission profile, and everyone sharing it until completed gets a slice of the pie. Data run, exploration, security check, trade run, whatever mission style that is accepted. It would break out as 50//50, 33//33/33, 25//25//25//25, etc, depending on the amount in the party. The less sharing, the larger the reward, but also higher the risk.

Risk//Reward in its simplistic form.


Another mechanic that could be automatic is if they have a mission that requires escorts and have slots available to fill. Still sort of a shared mission, but you have to fill the slots rather than a simple divided share and each of the particular slot types would see ahead of time what % they would receive by fulfilling the Mission.

This gets rather complex if you start to think about different classes of missions though. Probably not doable.


Only other option that comes to mind is via the Jobs Board in the Org patch. This may work for Imperium Only generated missions, but does nothing for any group that forms for a mission outside of the Imperium structure, nor for any freelancers who are not inside an organization. Even though this would be an ideal method for us, Star Citizen would need more than just an internal Organization Jobs Board.


If there is not some built in mechanic to divvy profits, it is going to be a train wreck. - DRUM out

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Shouldn't this be split between "personal op" and "Org Ops"?


i mean, i'm from Imperium, you are from imperium. I want to make a run to acquire supplies, so i need some muscle with me. Of course i would rather call up on imperium people to help me out, and of course i would like to compensate them for their time and effort (and risk).


But If the Org wants a certain area explored and surveyed, and i get tasked to put together a small party to clear a sector while others organize to join in... its not a very different scenario work-wise... but i aspect able fighters to volunteer for something like this and help out not seek compensation... 

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To me, it depends on the difficultly (the worlds you will be traveling thought), and chances of pirates or enforcement (attack possibility)

it also depends on your notoriety level (the more notorious equals more hunters and enforcement) and rank in the guild (the higher the rank, the cheaper i will be willing to go)

it also depends on the cargo you are transporting (what it is worth) and what you are using it for : 

  1. personal business (you only gain) = depends
  2. guild business (it is for the guild) = cheap
  3. mission business (it is for a mission) = regular
  4. spec operations (don't ask, don't tell) = expensive
  5. dangerous operation & transport (only the best are needed) = most expensive


things like that would have a affect on how much i would want

BUT YEA, I WOULD BUY FROM A MEMBER OF THE GUILD SINCE YOU CAN'T ALWAYS TRUST OUTSIDERS IN ANY BUSINESS WHAT SO EVER (remember, there are always chances of hiring a spy that can alert pirates and the law and a spy will not fight as hard to protect like a guild member)



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I depends on the objective and weather or not there is loot/cash to split up at the end(i.e. a successful major cargo haul = million dollar payout) or it it is just to help someone complete some mission for a singular reward for the player with the mission.  If the latter, I will be working under a "You owe me a favor" system.  I will find some org mates that play during my schedule, at my general rate of progression, and be a crew on their ships or fly escort for them in exchange for them returning the favor when its my turn to complete a multi-player mission.

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I would hire Imperium Combat Ops if I were to hire anyone. And theoretically I agree with the split percentage being aligned with the cost percentage.


Two scenarios to consider:


1) A multi crew exploration ship needs crew. What should the cut be? The risk to the extra crew is nil. If you're going down, the escape pods send you on your way, correct? But game time spent in support should have some reward.


2) An escort fighter is hired to escort a large cargo vessel. What is the cut here? Both of you risk the loss of your vessel, but you run the risk of losing your cargo as well.


So, do you pay up front in the second case? You both lost your ships, now what?

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As a Fleetguard member I would be proud to offer my services as an Escort.


Just pay what you want (for example to cover the operational costs of fuel etc), the main payment for me will be the fun and just do something together with Org. comrades :)

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Obviously as primarily a Trade and Industry player, I'll hire escorts from time to time. Especially for getting my Hull B safely through some troublesome areas in the verse.

I think I'll always choose Imperium combat ops first, since you know you can trust your own org. I reckon there will be some questionable escort services out there who may turn on you when sh*t gets real, or just get out of dodge when things get too heated.  If no imperium members are available (we have a few thousand org mates so I feel the chances of this will be rather slim... but you never know) I'd hire some other service who I know has a good rep.

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