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Bugbear's new crash game (Flatout fans unite here)


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Hello fellow SC-fans!


I hope some of you remember the Flatout series. I loved those games until Flatout 3 came out, which just used the name to generate income (Team6 Game Studios burn in hell for this).

Their developers are Bugbear Entertainment and they are working on a new game, the NextCarGame (name is subject to change^^).

If you're interested, check out their website (physics demo already available): http://nextcargame.com


Here's the official sneak peak:


and here's a fanmade video that shows a few weird things of the demo:

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Noticed that game a while ago and I think destruction physics are the best you can see right now (This puts BeamNG plastic-jello-kinda physics easily into a pocket). And it took a looong time to see it again since the times of Carmageddon 2 way back then. There was literally no game to come even close to that between these two. 


Imagine such physics in games like NFS or GT...I know, car companies don´t want to see their cars being crashed, but if they could use the real data from NCAP, car companies could actually promote their accident safety. That would be a true next gen in racing games for me.

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I actually pledged for the kickstarter, but it sadly it failed (pretty badly). It does look fantastic and I loved the previous flatouts (the ones Bugbear made!) 

Not sure if i'l pre-order since my current laptop wouldn't be able to handle the demo anyway :D

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I liked Flatout 2 and the devs really know what they are doing. Physics look nice :)


Some other racing games are just a disappointing mess:

Let's not get started on what horrid NFS 'games' came out the past few years xD

Dat NFS II tho.


I just hope the cars won't get shredded too quickly. I know they want to show off the beautiful destruction, but when I T-bone someone, they better take a lot more damage than i do^^

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