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Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

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It's better, but still could have increased the engine sizing instead of  leaving it as is.

The actual  outline is sleeker and more defined with the mid engine. Tbh, I'd fire the devs in charge of designing the engine in the first place. They have zero clue. The new has more inline with the engine block matches the whole ship. not an "FU who cares"  of screaming static!

one thing, it looks like the slightly modified it again to where they put the angled frame at the top of both engines. It looks like it just goes straight up and they across at right angle (90 Deg) . I would have thought that 90 deg angles were the devils work for Anvil?  

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Damn this no lift, it's not exactly a hard thing to put in 😕 also I noticed how void the bottom of the bridge is. Still it is my favorite Ship.

I was happy to notice that the vehicle bay goes to another area So I am happy with that.  I loooove the observation deck which looks out above the hanger. 

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Same here, least disliked  heh. Ship is nice. only two gripes heh. No lift on the hanger bay and the bridge, you have to go out and take a lift down to access to the bottom deck. 

although, the bottom turret was supposed to be remote controlled? Can't see why they would change it?

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I´ve played with it for a bit and boy o' boy is it  a gamble to land this thing inside of those space station hangars.
There´s like 50cm of wiggle room to either side when you fly in, your either perfectly streight and aligned to the hangar or you scrape the whole hangar.
They shoudl rotate the weapons of the side turrets either 90° up or down if they are not in use so that you at least have a few extra meters of clearance to the side.

That bottom turrets is a fourth landing gear for sure. someone suggested making it slide up the rear hu8ll when not in use. I´m in the boat that wants a remote turret that can halfway retract into the hull. It´s an exploration ship and you´ll most like not find a perfectly plane field to land.

The ramp also can´t reach the ground if the terrain is slightly uneven rendering it useless and impossible to board the ship again. Another way of entry would be highly appreciated.


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yeah, that is common "feature" across so many ships. The Devs half thought about this. They should have over extended the ramps too make it handle properly. ED has right from day one, the landing colourizarion red/green. It is more and more of a problem with large ships landing outside of a port.

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