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Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

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24 minutes ago, GRIZZ said:

An excellent labeled map, anything with question marks is unverified.




weird how they show the big globe thing on the 2nd floor of the bridge, but there's that huge round area on the "exploration deck" that would fit the round thing perfectly, even thought it would be miserably inconvenient to get to

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Been thinking about the floor plan and medical game play and posed a question on the official Ask The Devs.

How are bodies transported to Carrack med-bay?

Today at 11:17 am
I am interested in medical game play and with the floorplan on the Carrack shown in its unfinished state I can not see a clear path to move a stretcher like in the RSI Apollo from outside to the med bay in the core of the ship.

If you are assuming we will use the elevator immediately in front of the medbay, it looks like it can only fit 2 people standing up. (see attached)



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She's the top "end state" Exploration ship.  She's not a slim and sexy racer, but a long term explorer.  She needed the girth to be Anvil Tough and accommodate the slew of required items.  

Tri-landing gear can work on something of this size because of the sheer size and weight; it will simply settle into it's tonnage.  It's a space ship so I'd hate to compare to airplanes, but for quick comparison..... A380, B747, C-5, etc... don't tip over AND they move and turn.  This ~127m space ship is suppose to land and stay put. 

mehh.... agree to disagree.  Everyone will find a reason to hate it.  I for one bought mine back after seeing they improved the last iteration.   

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Original mapping table from the concept is back as well (similar to the one from the movie Prometheus). I really like that CIG decided against using that dumb holosphere we saw in the previous AtV and put the original table from the concept art back in. :D


For reference: similar mapping table as it appeared on the movie Prometheus:



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I agree I'm very happy that they went back to the original mapping table ...this is actually more important than most think because this is actually meant to be a mapping vessel not necessarily a science exploration ship.  What Jared failed to mention is the Fealers or pointy things as he called them extended are actually used to feel the distance of the Wormhole's tunnel edges in the jump point and it is not just something that you what because they look cool or not they serve a specific function CIG has mentioned before ;)

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Also kind of glad they have gone back to the tripod landing gear vs the dachshund one ..... wouldn't like to have my space winnebago considered a Spaceball XD


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It definitely won't be done till scanning / jump holes are done or at lest partially implemented, technically we wouldn't see the ship till much more of the PU is done but due to it being a fan Fav ...... 😀 its being done early (same with some of the other non-important ships not in the single player campaign).

Sometime in the next 6 - 24 months ..... (Soon#TM) 🤣

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@MericSever  Just like the Reclaimer and salvaging are eah...

I'd said aiming for end of year, but realistically 1-2 Qtr of next year.

Just to point out it took the Hammerhead 10 months on a rush job with only 3 Devs, It's not very big if you remove the corridors. However, they can speed up on certain areas as there is already a lot of aegis ship interiors already created. Tbh I'd say 2020 QTR 1 is earliest QTR 2 realistic if done at normal speed. Of course there is 5 people on it.

One thing it's something over looked by the dev team. the Landing pad and exterior airlock aren't easily to get to from one of them. They have put a fence around 3/4 of the pad. a simple "ramp" or "stairs" near the airlock who suit. 

If the pisces, looks anything like the p-52/72 I'll type out my scream. I still hoping for a multi crew(more than 1 person can fit like the X85) snub short range ship like in BSG.




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