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Yeah. Cant see it being changed though, which is the sad thing really. Hopefully the eventual implementation of decor customisation will give us a degree of control that allows us to keep a utility look but more in-keeping with the other floors. That could (and should) be a long way off though. Not the end of the world, its probably my only gripe with the ship, and its an insignificant one that should be addressable by the player/owner so on that basis it doesnt bother me if they didnt go back and update it because they cant please everyone and its time wasted if say 50% of owners are only going to end up re-skinning it anyway.

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· Will, there be differences prices between fuel stations, and can I trade it? – Yes. Fuel is a commodity like anything else, so you will be able to trade it. They are looking into fuel mining from gas planets, but it is still in a design/prototype stage.



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