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@PaulC2K it's too clean and missing any color. It's all shades of grey instead of the pop the early 15 WiP stuff had. That felt lived in without being MKIII Connie grungy.

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Yeah. Cant see it being changed though, which is the sad thing really. Hopefully the eventual implementation of decor customisation will give us a degree of control that allows us to keep a utility look but more in-keeping with the other floors. That could (and should) be a long way off though. Not the end of the world, its probably my only gripe with the ship, and its an insignificant one that should be addressable by the player/owner so on that basis it doesnt bother me if they didnt go back and update it because they cant please everyone and its time wasted if say 50% of owners are only going to end up re-skinning it anyway.

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