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RSI Orion


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The Orion at 158m is the same size as the Reclaimer (makes sense - but strange how they are the same exact size)..... 


NOTE - the Carrack and 890 Jump are the same exact size as well at 123m......


I guess this is "intentional" ;)

I wonder, especially with the bigger ships, if once they've established one ship's dimensions and have it mostly blocked out it makes it easier to design and scale new ships if they assign the same length?  Okay, that sentence didn't make as much sense as I'd intended, but the weekend is here and gin + tonic + writing no longer = brilliant dissertations...


Just thinking that having done one at 158 it might be easier to get things the right size/placement/allocate interior space if the next ship of similar size is just assigned 158m instead of say 137.  But what the hell do i know, I'm a mildly buzzed historian.

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Orion will be released in an "Hour, maybe" - Ben. twitter.com


I can barely wait three hours between finishing something cool and wanting to share it; how does the rest of the industry stand it?



@RyanArcherArt You are doing great work! People are going to flip for your Orion blueprint in a few hours...


@charlesjt1977 Yes! Sounds like they're having issues that may delay the minigame, but the rest is imminent. Jump Point too.

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OMFG! The Orion looks amazing!!!


I thought the Reclaimer was the meanest looking ship (or at least human ship), but the Orion looks like it would eat the Reclaimer for breakfast. It's so badass! B)


I thought I wouldn't be interested in mining, and I was planning on buying the Orion just to see if there'd be a combat-related variant down the road -- but the Orion looks so amazing that I want to mine just so I can justify buying it for my personal fleet. ;)

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just take me along on one of yours'.  I'm not getting it :(


or should I get it just to tie up credit till Hull C?  I mean I can't gift it.


, but the Orion looks like it would eat the Reclaimer for breakfast.



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