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Xi'an Scout - Khartu-al (export model)

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Starting the Khartu-al discussions. Wonder if the thread on the general board can be merged with this one?



Xi’an Scout Unlocked! The Khartu is the light attack craft of the Xi’An military. Contrary to Human ship design, the Khartu doesn’t have a traditional main thruster, instead featuring an array of maneuvering thrusters on articulated rigs. This design allows for incredible agility, making them the bane of UEE pilots, who bestowed the nickname ‘Quark’ because when all of the thrusters are firing, the ship looks like a spark flying through space. The Xi’an Aopoa corporation also manufactures an export model, the Khartu-al, for sale to human civilians as a dedicated scout/explorer. The export model features the same Xi’an maneuvering rig, but control surfaces modified for human use and a more limited armament. (Designer: Aopoa)


Xi’an ship design will be focused on a vertical aesthetic and maneuvering jets that can combine to thrust in multiple directions. Gimbaled, larger-than-normal thrusters sit on the four points of a star in the centerline, allowing each thruster unobstructed hemispherical coverage. The Xi’an scout can rotate on all axes and direct four thrusters to the rear or front! Because of this configuration the Xi’an ship has superb linear maneuvering abilities on all axes. This extra maneuverability comes at a cost however. Xi’an ships favor maneuverability over heavy armament or defensive protection.




Cargo Capacity

Max Crew

Upgrade Space

Max Power Plant Size

Max Engine (Primary Thruster)

Maneuvering Thrusters
18 x TR2

Max Shield

Class-1: 2x Size 4
Class-2: 4x Size 2

NOTE: Ship specifications are preliminary and subject to change as the game is further developed and balanced.

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I am wondering what the second crewman will be doing. Cause we have no missiles or turrets. Will we get additional utility devices that come standard with the ship? Or is it for radar operation to improve on the Scout role? Or it is just optional like for F7C-M?

Wouldn't it be a shock if two pilots were REQUIRED to pilot the Xi'an Scout? Perhaps the Xi'an have two pairs of arms, or their feet are as dexterous as their hands, and their ships require two pairs of hands to control them. ;) j/k CIG wouldn't do that to us. And logically, the Xi'an would have to adapt their ships with human-compatible flight controls to create a viable export model. With a vertically-oriented ship, no main engine, and thrusters that supposedly allow the ship to travel in any direction, I believe that the second crew person would be a combination RIO and gunner, and a much-needed second pair of eyes. The Xi'an Scout doesn't have a turret or missiles, but it does have 4 x Class-2 swivel mounts for guns, and flying a ship like the Xi'an Scout will probably require a pilot's full attention, and the shooting will be the gunner's responsibility. The two will have to work together to be successful in combat. :) That's how the AH-64 Apache helicopter is operated, with the pilot in the backseat and weapons and radar operator in the front seat. :D

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I hope they give the Khartu-al exotic weaponry as well. The Xi'an concept shows them as being reptilian. Maybe cold blooded. Bipeds. Imagine if they have developed advanced bio-weapons and projectiles like armor/hull eating microbes that do damage over time. Also, some sort of spores or airborne mutagens that confuses sensors and radar...

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I'm very curious how it will handle. Obviously, it's probably going to the best strafing ship in the game, but I'm worried it's acceleration won't match more traditionally designed ships.

CIG has said that Xi'an ships aren't as fast as human-designed ships, but their maneuverability is far superior. But in a dogfight in space, maneuverability is probably more important than speed. A ship can't rely solely on speed to elude an enemy pursuer, dodge missiles, and evade incoming fire. Missiles are almost always faster than the ships they target, so not even a M50 could outrun a missile. But a stationary Xi'an Scout could probably dodge an incoming missile with a quick pulse of its thrusters, sliding it out of the missile's path and causing it to miss. Same with gun-fire; a ship can't really outrun it, and the targeting computer helps the shooter lead their shots to where the ship will be when the shots arrive. But a Xi'an Scout can make small staccato maneuvers, zigzagging every which way, making it impossible for the shooting ship to predict where it will be. The only effective tactic would be to spray-and-pray, which is a possible explanation for why the Hornet has so many cannons compared to other ships its size. I bought a Xi'an Scout just before the deadline, because I couldn't resist trying it out in the Dogfighting Alpha. I think it will be a great EQUALIZER, because I'm certain there are more skilled and experienced space combat sim players out there, who are more familiar with the space flight mechanics that Star Citizen will use. But I expect that the Xi'an Scout will handle completely differently, and be extremely difficult and frustrating for space sim vets to engage, because they will probably be resistant to changing their approach, because it's worked for them for so long. That should level the playing field. :D At the very least it'll make the game more interesting. :)

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Wondering when the Khartu-al is gonna get some love from CIG. From resource priority perspective, probably a long while to go...if the owner base is smaller compared to the other more popular and mainstream ships. :unsure: 


Seeing the Scythe in PBR just makes the wait feels longer....I hope they at least give it some alien texturing/skin.

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I also own a Xi'an Scout ship, but I expect it'll be a long while before we see it in the Hangar or DFM. I'm sure we'll see some concept art soon, but that's a long way from being able to fly it. As you said, the owner base of the Xi'an Scout is probably fairly small compared to most of the other ships, so it's a much lower priority.

I expect that CIG's objective is to get the original 15 ships ready for the PUB launch, and all of the new stretch goal ships will be added later, just in time for the final game launch.

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Going back on sale tomorrow too, despite popular opinion being that after the Mustang vote for 'available in hangar' we wouldnt see sales for ships which werent available yet.
Should be $150 i guess.


edit - and i forgot to add theres concept pictures in Around the Verse ep2 (24m40).





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Haven't seen the Verse video yet (on vacation) Will it stay on sale or is it just tomorrow or limited time?


Seems likely that its a limited sale, but i dont believe they said how long, and theres nothing on the homepage to say otherwise (might be confirmed on forums but... you know, you go in all happy and come out suicidal after reading a post or 2!)

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    • By Weehamster
      Hi everyone /
      I think it's about time that I share my collection of albums that I use for The Base chat that I've had for a while now
      I only have ships/vehicles that are either from lore, concept, development or being re-worked, not for any that are flyable/finished and I constantly add more to the albums. Enjoy.
      Aopoa (Xi'An) | "Capital" | Nox | "Oracle" | "Transport" | Volper |
      Aegis | Eclipse | Idris | Javelin | Reclaimer | Redeemer | Retaliator (Modules) | Vanguard (Variants): Harbinger - Sentinel |
      Anvil | A4A Hurricane | Carrack | Crucible | F7A Hornet Mk II | F8 Lightning | Terrapin |
      BIRC (Banu) | Defender | Merchantman |
      Crusader | Genesis Starliner |
      Drake | Cutlass (Re-Work): Black - Blue - Red | Dragonfly |
      Esperia | "Blade" | Prowler |
      Kruger | P-72 Archimedes |
      MISC | Endeavor | Freelancer (Variants): DUR - MAX - MIS | Hull: A - B - C - D - E | Prospector | Razor | Reliant (Variants): Mako - Sen - Tana |
      Origin | 600i | 890 Jump |
      RSI | Aurora (Re-Work) | Bengal | Constellation: Aquila - Phoenix - Taurus | Orion | Pegasus | Polaris  | Ursa |
      RSI/Aegis | Retribution |
      Tumbril | Cyclone |
      Vanduul | "Cleaver" | "Driller" | "Harvester" | "Hunter" | "Kingship" | "Mauler" | "Stinger" | "Void" |
      Ship Components | Coolers | Gun's | Missiles / Torpedoes | Quantum Drives |
      -------------------------------------------- BONUS --------------------------------------------
      Characters | Banu | Human | Tevarin | Vanduul | Xi'An | Armor, Uniforms & Clothing | Wildlife |
      First Person Components | Tools / Equipment | Weapons |
      Places  | Planetary Environments / Bases | Shubin | Star Systems Concepts | Terra | Truck-stop / Space Stations |
      Stanton | 1 (Hurston) | 1a (Ariel) | 1b (Aberdeen) | 1c (Magoa) | 1d (Ita) |
                    | 2 (Crusader) | 2a (Celin) | 2b (Daymar) | 2c (Yela) |
                    | AB (Arron Halo) | * (Delamar) |
                    | 3 (ArcCorp) | 3a (Lyria) | 3b (Wala) |
                    | 4 (Microtech) | 4a (Calliope) | 4b (Clio) | 4c (Euterpe) |        
      Other | Drones / Probes | Logos | Sataball | Other Vanduul Art | UI |
    • By Arrowfaster
      Hi guys,
      First of all I am so glad that I found this place. I was heartbroken to see the official Star Citizen forums go because the new spectrum is such a mess, especially regarding ship discussions. So I am hoping you can help me with my problem. I am planning to get my hands on the Polaris (I already own the Cutlass Blue, Gladiator and CCU from Gladiator to Super Hornet, Reedemer, Reclaimer, Crucible and double Noxes).  I am more or less done when it comes to buying new ships because I think I got everything I need except I got one problem.
      What do you think what ship should I get to be the designated scanning ship in the hangar bay of the Polaris?
        From what I understand Idris will have great scanners and Polaris will have tough time sneaking up on it unless it uses some sort of scanning ship. I was debating between Herald, Hornet Tracker, 315P, and Terrapin.
      Each one of them has it's own problems that are bothering me:
      1) Herald: I am not sure does Herald even got any advantage over other ships when it comes to scanning? I mean it is supposed to be hacking and info runner ship I am not sure does it have any sort of specialized scanning equipment :S
      2) 315P: My buddy owns one so I guess we could use that. What bothers me is how strong are it's scanners compared to other ships?
      3) Hornet Tracker: I own a Gladiator and I got a CCU to Super Hornet. I was planning on using it and then just strap on the Tracker gear on top of the Super hornet. I wasn't able to figure out what exactly is the Hornet Trackers role... does it do long range scanning vs other ships and how effective is it at that? I read something about Tracker allowing other ships to achieve faster lock and detect stealthy ship etc. etc. but all I really want is a long range ship scanner
        4) Terrapin: From what I read Terrapin is supposed to be the dedicated stealth long range scanner and seems like the best choice but what bothers me is it's price tag... I don't feel like getting rid of my Gladiator (or Super Hornet CCU) to get it.
        5) Gladiator: I own it and I heard some speculations that it might receive some modularity. I am not sure are those just rumors but if we could strap on a powerful radar on sensors on it Gladiator would be a bit more versatile.
        So what do you think? Do you think that getting Tracker gear on the Super Hornet is a viable option to serve as a scout for the Polaris (that would be the cheapest bet for me) or should I look into other scanning ships from the list?