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Release Date for Alpha

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I think its more like a "When its done™" than a specific date. Programming things a very complicated and reaching a exact date in twelve months would need a hell of a lot management. I guess Chris is saving all the struggle and devs away his things until they are done the way he wants.

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It should be done properly, I'd rather wait an extra month for a few less game breaking bugs. I'm not sure how many of the people that pledged will understand that the alpha will not be the finished game. So the alpha should actually be a developed beta instead. But time will tell.

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    • By FoxChard
      I've been putting together a short map over the last few days describing an orienteering approach to find the Drug Lab on Yela. Most of the other content and guides I've seen rely on triangulation (which is extremely difficult due to the extreme small size of the target). This guide shows how to use known and distinctive landmarks to quickly and efficiently fly to the Drug Lab. In fact, I know find the Drug Lab much easier to locate than the Javelin. (To be fair, I've made this run more than 10 times now).
      This location is difficult to find in any condition other than full sunlight. It also only renders at 7km (but you need to zoom to even see it) and does not become visible to a ship in motion until about 2km.
      The Yela Drug Lab offers for sale two types of banned narcotics that can be sold to Grim Hex or Levski. It also produces alcohol. The profit margins on these substances is very high, however, the quantity that can be had is very low. You will not fill a Freelancer to even 1/3 of capacity. This makes this trade location ideal for those of us running Auroras, Mustangs, Avengers, and Reliants. 
      I'd like to continue to refine these kinds of guides, so please leave any feedback below. 
    • By Gremlich
      looking on reddit for bits like this (these are links that can be easily read if you click them):
      I hope others post details like this, because everything helps. Issues, non-issues, it all is information that can help manage expectations and minimize some of the rage.
      and this reminder also needs to be reinforced as often as possible:
    • By Tom Villder
      We're a bit closer to reaching 3.0, fingers crossed it is released in good time.
      Also, the entire Drake lineup is also on sale: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15805-Drake-Sale-The-2947-Lineup
    • By GRIZZ
      The 2.6.1 patch notes have been posted to Reddit.  This means its safe to say the Avacados are beating on it right now.
      Some notable points:
      "The Super Hornet has received a full visual update, encompassing art, animation, damage states, and VFX."
      "Pilot facial idle animations have been added for all ship variants!"
      "In this initial release it (Mega Map) will only be enabled for single player maps (Hangars and single-player Arena Commander), but we will be expanding this to include multiplayer maps in a future release."
      Good news, all those classy VIP's don't have to use the bucket anymore.  "Constellation Phoenix - The toilet can now be accessed."