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NEXD Gaming - Your nexd Star Citizen Family

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We're not just your NEXD org; WE'RE YOUR NEXD FAMILY!

🔗 - Homepage
🔗 - Discord
🔗 - RSI Org Page

Tired of mining alone or running the same old bunker mission over and over again?
Want to be a part of a growing org that truly cares about YOU and isn't here to waste your time??

🔥 - Star Citizen Marketplace -  🔥 

NEXD Departments / Divisions:
🚜  Industrial 
🚚  Logistics 

What NEXD has to offer:

  • Join as Member or affiliate
  • Multi-Time zone, Multi-Cultural, LGBTQIA+ friendly
  • New players / Veteran players welcome
  • Monthly / Weekly Events with prizes!
  • Discord with Bots, SC Marketplace, Divisions, Ranks, Leveling, and much more

Join us on Instagram


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