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All I need is a gpu and I'm ready to play star citizen for the first time!!


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Hi Guys

I have built my desktop for my work but also with the idea of playing SC!

I'm nearly there.


I9 10th gen 

64gb ram

Ssd samsung 990 pro Nvme

Now I need to invest into a GPU. 

I would like your advice as I don't have unlimited budget, I'm a belters after all 😉. Is 8gb Vram really too low to run the game?

I have read somewhere that I would need at least 16gb vram to play decently in 2024 and spending £1000 on a GPU is out of my reach!


What experienced pilots like you would recommend? 


Thank you on advance


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Sadly, this game will not perform well without forking out a fair bit for a good card. It's not just the VRam amount, but the entirety of the card that can make a difference. I don't know much about the AMD side, but for the Nvidia side, the LOWEST I've seen people play with is usually a 3060ti/4060ti, but that's for getting medium settings. Usually a XX70/ti or XX80/ti tend to be the cards people get. Sorry if that's disheartening, but it's better to fork out for something that WILL work for a bit more money than to put money into a card that won't work to a level worth trying.

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