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Life with CS5


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There doesn't seem to be much to do solo as a CS5 so I figured I'd share some of my research on what I think is an actual viable mission loop.

A CS5 has non-crim allies/party members. 

They QT onto the CS5 when the CS5 does an assassination mmission.

The CS5 uses an eclipse to remove the 3 to 4 escorts fast. Then a ghost to soft death the main target.

The non-crim allies loot the cargo.

3 hard deaths should == one soft death.

Master Assassin mission cargoes are divided into two half sized cargo loot tables and 1 small sized cargo loot table. 

The half sized cargo has 5% chance of quantanium and 6% chance of all "low valued drugs".

The other half sized cargo includes 9% drugs and 5% quantanium. And INCLUDES Maze.


The small loot table is 30% weevil eggs or 70% taranite which sells for the price of gold.

With these loot tables I find that master Assassin missions are far...far superior to ERT bounty loot tables. As far as I can tell they have not been nerfed in 3.22.0a

I can't really find other "viable" mission loops for CS5.

Bunkers are one way trips because of elevator camping. Mining claims are low pay.

If you get lucky you get some space missions off comms...

I don't find the comms towers to be viable because your bounty is a target and the comms tower just tells people you're vulnerable. 

Salvage is a valid game loop because you can take those missions and you can be in-out fast enough to be off comms during the vulnerable parts.

But I think landing at Grim is a crapshoot. As someone who steals CMAT at Grim and knows how to sell it at Grim. I'd prefer Salvage to just be a bonus when I torpedo a reclaimer who thinks Grim is a convenient space port.


Also yes, you can sell stolen goods at Grim. I won't tell here how to do it. It's Google-able. But as far as I know it's an exploit to be patched. So hence won't share the method.


I also don't think you're really living with a CS5 if you're just getting comms taken down. Anyone can do anything without crime stat when that is the case. 


Also regarding klescher. I can do the Parkor including the 5 tigerclaw locations in under 10minutes. I have NEVER. Not once. Been able to spawn a vehicle in either of the 2 vehicle bays. Urchins or whatever they are.

So I have NO clue what's up with that "need an out" mission.

It's led me to think of staging ships near Klescher. But I do not have the patience to test their persistence and if persistence is per shard only.


Theoretically per game session it'll persist plenty.

So I might consider leaving a nomad or something at Klescher to run to whenever I need.

Just recently my non-crim org members helped me SPK away my CS5 run 

It took about 30minutes of spamming away the murders.

I did 25% of the misdemeanors before giving up and just logging off and respawning at home base.

Paying off the remaining "vehicle crimes" was over 1mil in credits.

If there's no cap to klescher time (I hear mixed results) than my recent CS5 run at 4.5hours per murder and I think it's an hour for vehicle destructions...equalled:

220hours or so.

I've been told the klescher time caps out at 24hours or 400hours. I really don't know what the real answer to that is.

I estimate you can pay off 16hours every 30minutes or 15minutes with take-downs and looting hadanite and doing deep O2 missions.

But I think for a solo I'd prefer the staged vehicle the most.

Just park it and backspace outta there.

For orgs obviously you can maybe get a pick up. But I don't like to rely on orgs for that. 

If your org is super fancy you can stage a mule full of tiger claws in Klescher to pay off the time.

Been told a backpack worth is 900,000 credits.

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I think I've been away from the game too long, took me way too long to decipher the acronyms in this post! I kept wondering what CSS was before I realised you were talking about level 5 crime status (I hope!) Slowly getting back into the game and getting used to all the new stuff, see you all in the 'verse.

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