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Thorne Interstellar (TISO)


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Welcome to TISO (Thorne Interstellar). We are an organization of players looking for careers in Industry, Exploration, and Combat. We look out for our own and work hard for our money. 

Mission statement: Our goal is to provide an immersive experience to our members, services to the community, and maintain a sense of professionalism within the community. 

Thorne Interstellar started in 2947 and decided to rebrand in 2953. With this rebranding the Organization began to expand into other industries. These industries include mining, refining, production, bounty hunting, security contracting, exploration, personnel retrieval, and internal development. We focus in all forms of fields we specialize in, and are prized in upholding our employees, pilots, engineers, etc. to the highest standards of our illustrious and profitable organization.



-18+ to join!
-Working microphone.
-Must have discord.
-Actively participate in org events when notified.
-Follow command structure.
-Treat every member with respect, no infighting.
-Be ready to work on a large ship or a capital ship within the fleet during multi-crew events.


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