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Interaction delay


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Hi all, 

hoping someone can help, I’m new player to the game but have a strange issue, when I first load the game and play, all seems fine, until 20 mins in, 

its starts with very slight interaction delay, doors/seat etc and gets progressively worse to the point where there could be 5 mins between each interaction. 

Im hoping it’s a network issue my end as I’m not on fiber broadband, but my fps is around 60/70 and ping shows 60, does not appear to change even in the middle of lag

Any suggestions would be much appreciated 


RTX 4070ti

32 gig DDR 5 

1tb SSD

Windows 11

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Hey Nick,

We're a fan forum, but we've been around awhile. It sounds to me like what you're experiencing is server side lag that tends to happen when a server becomes unstable / before a 30k. Usually when this kind of thing happens, most people will jump into a bed or land at a station, log off, then hop regions to a different server and keep on playing. 

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