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On 7/3/2023 at 10:09 AM, macgivre said:

Hello and welcome, do you have any favorite gameplay ? 

Not really. I play all types. Depends on what is needed or what I want to do that day. I like mixing it up otherwise I find myself going to another games. Lol 😆 

I love to explore. I like roc mining when rocks do not blow up the roc for no reason or I do not fly into the "invisible" space rocks with a entire load on my ship. I like to do space trucking cargo runs. Also like combat and war.  My idea for the Polaris and Perseus are to fly as protection for mining and org protection. Also may do the merc or bounty hunting thing once that's in game for people. 

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Nice, so you will enoy this game to its full extent ! 
You might enjoy our regular mining events. Either as a ship captain, mining operator, scout or security patrol. 

We also host some bunker runs session... 
And you might get addicted to the Idriss Hunt, our fellow T&I members loves to feast with their reclaimer on fresh idriss Carcass ^^ 

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