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Imperium Monthly Newsletter - Jan 2023


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Welcome to the Imperium Newsletter for Jan, 2023! As it's the start of 2023, this means the Year in Review is released for 2022!
You can find that here: Year in Review 2022


  • Prax1s
  • VoyagerYote
  • Freedie1947
  • MochiMoshii
  • Bloodthirsty23
  • Swirlz89
  • Redrum64
  • Executioner583
  • Xexorian
  • MyParadox
  • Joko-dono
  • Naroku
  • Bababooeyy
  • wtfcooldown
  • ReckerOnline
  • Mattage
  • Hezekah
  • Shazzylazzy
  • Tobias32


Human Resources

  • @PowerWagon has been promoted to HR Officer, specifically Recruitment Officer!


  • Academy Division is seeking dedicated active members who enjoy developing training course materials and instructing courses to fellow fleet members. If you are interested in joining our staff by becoming an Academy Specialist, please submit an application here: https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/divisions/overview
  • Contact Academy Officer @PowerWagon to let him know you submitted an application or if you have any questions about Academy.

Interested in joining a Division and becoming a Specialist?
All divisions are currently recruiting and want to hear from you! Please follow this link to the Division recruitment section where you may browse our Divisions and their sections to find the right place for you! 

Have questions?
Go to Discord #help-desk and submit a ticket!


A note from our Event Coordinators:
“If you would like your event posted to #Event-announcements channel in Discord, or the Imperium Facebook page, or the Imperium Twitter account, please PM someone with the @Event Coordinator tag and we will be happy to assist you in making your event a success. Don't forget to add your event to the Imperium Calendar as it automatically converts start times for members around the globe." - @GRIZZ 

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