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Who we Are

Avalon Initiative is a Heavy Role Play, Immersion Based, and Interactive Organization. We are dedicated to playing the role of our characters in the 'verse. This means we strive to play in character for every mission, every landing, every encounter, trade, bounty, and our favorite experience: exploration. Avalon puts RP first, while playing every part of the game.

Our Story

The Avalon Initiative was founded in the year 2948 as part of a UEE program to establish an outpost on the very edge of UEE space from which exploration, economic, research, and even military expeditions into deep space could be launched. The leaders of the initiative thus commissioned several independent personnel to man the initiative. Now the Avalon Initiative is manned by brave explorers, traders, and mercenaries with one unified goal: finding Avalon.

Our Mission and Vision

-The mission of the Avalon Initiative is to Locate, Settle, and Develop an outpost on the borders of UEE space from which expeditions of a scientific, military, and economic nature can be launched to further humankind.
-It is our vision that the Avalon Initiative will unite the adventurous spirits of the UEE through the development of a self-sustainable, highly defendable, and strategically located outpost in the farthest reaches of UEE space that will unlock opportunities never seen before for the advancement of humankind.


-Construct a self-sustainable and planet-side outpost located in fringe space.
-Become an influential and a leading Org of our area.
-Explore and chart the unknown during expeditions launched from the outpost.
-Facilitate all playstyles through the use of the outpost as a hub for the organization.
-Build a PvX-ready defense force to protect the Outpost and the Initiative's interests.

What we offer

- Open, honest, and transparent leadership.
- Over 10 years of experience in previous MMOs
- A story-driven and player-focused org.
- An opportunity for you, the player, to be a founding member of an immersive, growing, and active community.
- Multiple paths to fit your playstyle.
- Progression within the Initiative for outstanding members.

*Join the Initiative, and build humanity's future with us.*

How to find us

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ayKHhUXseE

RSI Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/AVALONINIT

Badkamikaze#9625 on discord
Riji#6431 on discord


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Avalon Defense Force recruitment video!



Avalon would like to wish all in the verse, a Happy Luminalia! The holiday season has come to the UEE, and here at Avalon we are celebrating with a planned expedition to the Micro Tech holiday spot, along with plenty of game sessions as multiple org members spend the holidays off work, school, and more.

Avalon would also like to announce we have hit **40 members!** A huge accomplishment for our org. We'd like to thank publicly all the people who have joined us in the last week or two.

The Avalon Logistics Division is growing! We are looking for miners and cargo haulers that will make the org the big UEC. The approach of 3.18 and new mechanics will enable Logistics to be ready to mobilize our cargo fleet with more efficiency then ever before. Join up, make your own money, and help the Avalon dream a reality.


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Greetings all! Avalon Initiative would like to wish everyone a Happy Luminalia season, and a Happy New Year! 2953 will bring brand new hopes and dreams for Star Citizen, and new additions to Avalon! We are very proud of our progress this year. 40+ members! Active weekly events! Committed leadership for each division of the Org, and more!

We hope everyone welcomes the new year in their own celebrations. We will see everyone as we march ever closer to 4.0 and Pyro!

A shout out to our Survey Corps division, who recently conducted one their first survey reports in conjunction with a Defense Force campaign to take Jump Town! Although our mission was unsuccessful, we still were able to test our orgs abilities during the low active holiday season!

Christmas Photo.jpg

DF Operation Drug Liberation 2.png

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The Avalon Initiative Defense Force needs you!

Are you a proud citizen of the United Empire of Earth with ambition to go beyond humanities reach? Do you seek to protect settlers, enforce law, and build a militia on the frontier? The Defense Force operates as a combined arms civilian militia with our own Fleet, and Marines ready to take on the threats of the verse.

Uniformity in assigned units across the Defense Force, will see you with the best team we can muster. Serve in a Squadron, or aboard one of our numerous large or capital sized ships. Build your career with us, and protect the rest of the Initiative while we search for Avalon.

We are the sword of the Initiative, and we shall defend our home, no matter the cost.

Forming up.png

DF at Orison Platform.png

DF Formation.png

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