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Want to Sell "Baby Sale" of 8x8 Land Claims, Hammerhead BIS Edition, and many others.


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So my son will be arriving in March and I am needing to offload some stuff to help fund the new kid's bedroom and other things.

If you missed out in IAE, here's a chance for some of the stuff you might've missed. You can also ping me to find out if I have other stuff available. 

Unless otherwise stated, all of the available sale ships are CCU'd from other ships and are being offered below RSI cost because of CCU chain magic, therefore their melt value is NOT the MSRP of CIG, but their UPGRADE value is. I'm also throwing in my last two giftable 8x8 Land Claims at a reasonable price compared to market values. Prices might be negotiable and I only work with verified paypal users.

Lot 1: 8x8 Land Claim - $375

Lot 2: 8x8 Land Claim - 375 SOLD

Lot 3: LTI Hammerhead BIS Edition RSI cost $725 (Includes 2952 Best in Show skins for Carrack, C8X Pisces, Mercury Starrunner)- $675


Lot 4: LTI Odyssey RSI Cost $700 - $550 HOLD

Lot 5: LTI Carrack RSI Cost $600 (Includes 2951 Best in Show skins for 600i Explorer and Mercury Starruner)- $475 SOLD

Lot 6: LTI Retaliator RSI Cost $275- $200

Lot 7: LTI Apollo Medivac RSI Cost $275 (Includes 2951 Mercury Starrunner BIS Skin) - $225

Lot 8: LTI Redeemer RSI Cost $325 - $250 

Lot 9: LTI Ares Ion PACKAGE (Includes Star Citizen Access) RSI Cost $285 - $225

Lot 10: LTI Combo Perseus, San'Tok'Yai, Hurricane (CCU'd Ambush Pack) RSI Cost $1090 - $975

Lot 11: LTI Esperia Prowler  RSI Cost $440 - $340 

Lot 12: LTI A2 Hercules RSI Cost $750 - $600

Lot 13: LTI Corsair RSI Cost $250 - $210 SOLD

Lot 14: LTI Ground Vehicle Pack VIP Includes all Original Concept Skins as well as X1 Scarlet skin and more - $425


I also have a plethora of CCUs and chains available for other ships if you're looking for something else. Just PM me and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks all, and happy shopping on the Marketplace!

Special Note: I have sold a lot of the stock listed above, however I might still be able to make certain ships available. Please PM me if you're interested in a ship that isn't on this list.

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  • Chimaera changed the title to "Baby Sale" of 8x8 Land Claims, Hammerhead BIS Edition, and many others.
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