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[NAVI] Navistar Initiative Is Currently Recruiting


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Navistar Initiative is a fairly new org but with highly experienced leadership. We have all been part of other orgs and wanted to do something a little different while keeping the knowledge and skills we gained over the years.
We have various departments that cover every aspect of gameplay in Star Citizen, so there is a role for everyone.
  • Special Warfare Command (Spec Ops)
  • Tactical Warfare Command (Army + Mechanized squads)
  • Naval Warfare Command
  • Commercial Operations (Mining, Trading, etc.)
  • Medical Operations
  • Shipping Operations (Hauling / re-supply / towing)
We have some talented people already involved and are looking to create some awesome custom tools to help us become one of the best PMC orgs in the game.
We want to get into creating videos (machinima) and streaming so if you are interested in that it's also a plus.
If you have any other questions or just want to talk to us, join us on Discord through our website @ https://navistarinitiative.org and hope to see you soon!



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