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Hardflight Communities V2.0 - 10th December 2022 - lowfly event with all the SC hardflight community


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Hello all !

The v2 of the Hardflight Communities event will happen on TWO dates :
- On Saturday, the 10th of December 2022, at 20:00 UTC.
- On Saturday, the 14th of January 2023, at 20:00 UTC.

If you want to participate, PM me on IMP discord to get the handle to which you will need to send a friend request.

The rally point will be at Crusader. You can set your spawn at any station there (Orison, Grim Hex) or at CRU-L1. Party grouping will start one hour before event launch. We will start lowflying on Daymar, and will move to other moons during the course of the event.

If you need to invite your friends during the event, your friends will need to send friend request during the event to a given handle, and confirm their RSI handle on a specific discord server. No party invite will be issued to people not confirming their handle for event security reasons.

Gathering the StarCitizen hardflight/lowfly community has been my dream for almost 2 years. Due to the nature of those communities, almost always centered around a streamer, or a youtuber, they hardly interact between each others, (with the exception of the Blue Buckets, a community of streamers).

Last year we flew between some US communities and the french community of Terada lowflyers. But so many great names were still missing ! Sadly, one name will still be missing forever, as Kronogenics, a renowed lowfly pilot and streamer, left us recently. This event will be dedicated to his memory.

Unlike many gameplay in SC, lowfly is very chill and cool, gathering people only for fun, without all the usual drama and salt in this game. This makes the lowfly community unique as its members are bound by a common passion, a very inspiring one for many pilots, new and old, wishing to do the same. So thank you to all hardflyers around, because of your passion, and dedication, you make this game a better place to have fun together !


Participating streamers/youtubers (in alphabetical order, in at least one of the 2 dates above)

The Gee Eye Jew

I'm probably missing some more ;)


Hope to see you there o/ 



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