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2952 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE)


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Ships that appear to be making an appearance during this year's IAE:

  • Drake Corsair 
  • Drake Cutter - Starter Ship
  • C8R Pisces Rescue - Medical Shuttle

Additionally we may see the RSI Galaxy, a supposedly modular platform that looks somewhat similar to the Perseus in design but possible larger in size (inbetween Perseus and Polaris). :) 


DRAKE CORSAIR - The Drake Corsair is a multi-crew explorer that gives up defenses for a focus on versatility and firepower. With asymmetric, convertible wings and a large cargo hold, the Corsair adapts to harsh environments, combat situations, and hot landing zones with equal ease. Up to four crew can be accommodated in the Corsair's functional quarters, and a full complement of scanning suites along with a pair of quantum fuel tanks provide the means and method of exploring distant, dangerous stars.



DRAKE CUTTER - Designed for hard-working folks of all stripes, the Cutter packs 4 SCU of cargo room and plenty of wallop into a rough and tumble, compact frame. It's a ship that truly embodies the spirit of Drake: that no matter who you are or what you do, you can reach the stars.



PISCES C8R RESCUE - With the addition of an onboard Tier 3 Medical Bed, the C8R Pisces can treat minor injuries and keep a patient stable while transporting them to the safety of a larger ship, station, or nearby medical facility, making it an invaluable asset for short-range search and rescue.



RSI GALAXY - Featuring a fully modular design and an onboard hangar capable of deploying small ships, the cutting-edge Galaxy has versatility built into its DNA with a highly configurable main cabin that can be outfitted with comprehensive facilities to support cargo, medical, or refining operations.


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On 11/28/2022 at 4:54 PM, pyro nl said:

are there diff timezones for the idris sales ? or did i miss all of them alrdy ? and are there ccu ? i geus not for those

it now yust says sold out

I believe the Idris ships were sold in batches throughout the Aegis day. They're very popular and the ccu's go very quickly in minutes, if not seconds.

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And so IAE is over for another year and if sales are anything to go by, it's another successful event for CIG. It was an interesting choice to have Drake as the host manufacturer, but overall the colour scheme chosen was probably my favourite so far and those BIS skins can't come quickly enough. The highlight of the event, as always, was the Jax video's that seem to get better every year, and if they're anything to go by, the cut scenes for SQ42 should be in good hands.

Unfortunately due to Evocati duties, I wasn't able to fully appreciate the event this year but having experienced what's just around the corner, all I can say is the best of 2952 is yet to come!




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14 hours ago, LowZone said:

I believe the Idris ships were sold in batches throughout the Aegis day. They're very popular and the ccu's go very quickly in minutes, if not seconds.

yeah i was afraid of that, was looking to  replace my idris with a cheaper ccu idris ;o

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