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The Galactic Order [RP][Exploration]


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Org Name: The Galactic Order [RP][Exploration]

Org Vision/Mission: The Galactic Order seeks to expand throughout the known universe, ensuring peace and prosperity for all humanity by defending against the growing threat of the Vanduul and forming a unified Empire.

Who is the Org intended for: The Galactic Order is a role playing Org, intended for all individuals (regardless of experience) interested in roleplaying in an organization with a warm and welcoming community of players from all backgrounds.

We are highly dedicated, well organized and strongly motivated, having spent countless hours developing lore, ranks, roles, policies, events, gameplay and content for our organization and overall vision. This also incorporates an extensive, but simple, hierarchy through which members may further venture into and grow.

We base our roles & ranks closely on various sci-fi inspirations such as The Empire from Star Wars, Starfleet from Star Trek and Warhammer 40k, among many others. We are still growing and constantly developing ourselves further so we welcome all interested Star Citizen players to come join us and be part of The Galactic Order as we step further toward our goals of the future!

How to get involved:

1. https://www.thegalacticorder.info/

2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/0RDER

3. https://www.instagram.com/cig_galactic_order/?utm_medium=copy_link

4. https://discord.gg/8s37YmN99G

Add Finli as a referral on you application


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