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Laser Repeaters and Laser Cannons


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Light speed being 299,792,458 m / s, why are laser repeater rounds (1500 m/s) faster than laser cannon rounds (700 m/s) and at our relative combat speeds why isn't their travel time more or less instant? It's kind of ridiculous that a space ship moving less than light speed can out run laser rounds.

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We have to diferentiate celerity and speed : 
Celerity is the movement per unit of time of an object without weight in the vacuum
Speed is the movement per unit of time of an object with a definite weight (and does not take the hypothesis to be in the vacuum)

The light itself cannot damage a ship, you need to carry a lot of energy or better : particles with a definite weight that carry energy following the famous E=mc2 (energy = mass * celerity of the object upped to square). 

Thus the amount of energy sufficient to melt a ship structure need to be carried by some weight / particules ... thus requiring in turn energy to be emitted from your blaster / lasers ... 

That is why the speed of your pellets is not infinite nor the same as celerity of light : you need energy to accelerate your small mass to the speed able to melt the ship structure : 

That means that the more mass you sent the lower speed you need. 
As the canon is supposed to send more mass, it require a smaller speed to send the same amount of energy. 

Also don't forget the Archimedes theoreme : if a mass exit your ship, your ship will suffer an opposite acceleration equal to the energy (mass*celerity²) that just left your ship : so the more energy you send out the more you decelerate your ship :)

That is an IRL / In game explaination to stay with the role play and immersion. 

A more down to earth is the gameplay experience : if all ships would be equiped with raigun with infinite speed)  may be not as fun as expected by the designers ... and thus balanced in terms of gameplay. 

(if some things don't makes sense don't hesitate to ask for further details, I'm writing this with 2g of alcohol in the blood ^^)

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