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Brand New Org! Looking for members.


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Hello. I am a part of a brand-new Organization called "Opetueor Security Corporation". We are a Casual, semi-RP org. We are currently 2 members, but we are looking for new members to join us. 

What we offer:
Currently we offer 2 sectors to join in. Combative, where you will fend off enemies in either ship to ship or man to man combat. Fulfilling contracts which require escort and protection. You will make some money working in contracts and missions. Second is the industrial citizens. Those of you who want to make money in legit ways like mining, medical, search and rescue, and trading will make money working with other members to fulfill missions and contracts. 

Currently we only offer these two as we are brand new, however as we gain more members we will expand and offer new sectors such as, "Science and Exploration" for example. 

What we expect:
We are looking for players who a committed to the cause. People who are looking to make limitless amounts of money should not join as we are more in it for the fun of RPing slightly while making decent money in the process. Players who are loyal and want a good community to play SC with should feel free to join us. 

Feel free to join our discord server. You can choose to apply to our org or remain as a visitor. Other org members are welcome to join as allies. 
https://discord.gg/DpNSqPY4u9 (Many updates being made. You may be pinged quite a bit)


I know this post doesn't look very professional however we are starting from the ground up as 2 people and are working as best we can to improve. 

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