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Want to Sell OC ships for sell


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Hi all I'm selling some of my original concept ships all with lti if not differently  specified. Pm if interested

Super hornet 250$

Hornet 210$

Hornet wildfire 240$

Hull B 235$
Genesis starliner 580$
Merchantman 680$
Banu Combo (merchantman+defender) 850$
Vanguard hoplite 290$
Andromeda 325$
Vulcan 260$
Freelancer 165$
Avenger stalker 150$
Crucible 480$
Hawk 135$
Hammerhead 800$
Nox 85$
Nox kue 85$
X1 force edition 100$
Prowler 550$
Odissey with paint 800$
Carrack 640$
Freelancer MIS not lti 24 months with uee coat 290$
Pioneer VIP 2500$
Entrepreneur pack 750$

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