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Complete 2x 8x8 Land Claims For Sale


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Hey all, I have a new kid on the way and the wife is wanting to buy some super pricey stuff. To fund this, I am selling two very RARE or UNIQUE items.

8x8 Land Claim UEE Estate Parcel Beacon 1 - $550 HOLD

8x8 Land Claim UEE Estate Parcel Beacon 2 - $550  Available (Current prices on Star Hangar/Ebay are above $1000) Might go lower if someone wants to buy both.

Original Concept LTI Pioneer (includes land claim beacons) - $1750  (Current pricing on Star Hangar and Ebay are above $1800) I might take lower if offeredSOLD

Custom Pack - LTI Torpedo Bomber Pack (CCU'd 600i ExpPack) with a Polaris and Eclipse (includes  BIS skins for Eclipse and Cutlass Black) $1250 (Current pricing for LTI Eclipse with BIS Skin is averaging around $600 and this pack includes a Cutty Black skin because of CCU Chains) Picture included at request of potential buyer. Price is negotiable. SOLD


Paypal invoice only sales to protect both buyer and seller. 

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