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SCIENCE EXPEDITION - Search & Rescue + Artifact Recovery


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Attention Imperium Members; @Events
The Science division lead archaeologist is currently missing after reporting the “find of a life time” in the planet of Microtech! 
On September 10th @ 18:00UTC Imperium will be launching a search party to find this missing member. 
Information on last known location will be release at the time the search begins.

Roles for this part of the operation are as followed: 
  Field Medic
  Tier 2+ medical ship pilot 
  Air escort
  Ground security 

Meeting point is ARC L1, anyone arriving after departure time should make their way to Microtech.
Some time will be allocated to shopping before first departure to pick up both recommended and required equipment!
Please refer to images for equipment recommendations & item storage requirements

After the search has concluded with member being found (hopefully alive) and returned to station, we will being the second phase of the operation. 
Phase 2 will be to acquire and secure the “find of a life time”. 
Intelligence reports that it may not be at the same location as it was originally discovered. 

That is all! Hope to see you all there!!
Imperium Science Division,




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