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Lost vehicles inside ship


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 Loaded vehicles at an outpost.. Then flu ship to the station. Try to retrieve ship. Got ship.

no vehicles 

 Where did they go? What did I do wrong?. How do I do it correctly so I do not  Lose my vehicles which I had fit inside the ship.

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Ok so no big deal : 
If your ship is stored on your station you should see "retrieve"
If you do this operation you should retrieve your ship with all stored items inside. 

If your ship is not directly available on the station you should see "reclaim" or "claim"
If you do this operation, your claim your ship as lost and ask your insurance to supply you a fresh new ship from factory, thus, this ship will be totally empty of any personnal stuff, all the stored assets in the previous ship are lost (including cargo or mining modules). 

To be noted that if you set custom ships weapons or system (quantum drive, shield, power generator ...) the new ship supplied to you will be equiped with all thoses customizations. 

I hope that this make the things a little bit more clear :)

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There is a way to force the current ship contents image into the data bank and it  works well with system crashes when you are hauling a hold full of resell goods.

Soon as you hear the thanks message after taking off, request a landing pad.. This seems to take a snapshot of your ships current state.   Once the pad request is resolved, continue on with your endeavor.

Any mischance other than being shot down should still have the goodies in the hold.

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