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Unplayable State?

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How come the game is the way it is these days? It feels like I'm just playing a sci-fi DayZ where none of the players are friendly and everyone is just plain mean and rude.

Every time I even step outside of one of the spawn cities and land somewhere, I always just get bombed from the sky or shot by a ship.

I can't even complete any of the missions because of how buggy everything is, and I don't even have anymore money from having to purchase armor and weapons again because players just kill me from their ships every time I try to land somewhere.

I firmly believe that there just isn't a good playerbase anymore, and thanks to the whole "lose entire inventory on death" system, this game is nothing but a pain.

How does anyone here have fun when this is all that happens?

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Do you play solo or in group ? 

Actually all of your statement seems related to solo playing and (very) bad luck. 

Are you interested in a particular kind of gameplay (mining, trading, bounty hunting, exploring ... ? ) I mean transporting package is not a real hobby (unless you are a drug dealer ^^)

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Like Mac said, any new players trying to play the game alone is going to have a hard time. It's always best to have a guide show you the ropes, or a friend covering your back until you get a feel for when it's safe to venture out alone.

Remember, treat anywhere outside of an armistice zone as a potential PVP area where it's safer to take out a potential threat than take a chance on an unknown contact being friendly. Just curious if you are able to read global messages in chat? In cases like the one you describe, your attacker may have been sending out unanswered warnings before firing at you and didn't want to take the risk that you could turn out to be hostile...maybe.

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Seems more that you're annoyed at how specific people are acting, as opposed to the game's playable state. To echo what everyone's saying here, SC is a game that CAN be solo'd, but it best played with others / an organization. Also: I recommend staying away from event areas like Jumptown if you're a new player because you're unfamiliar with the dynamics of those areas, so it's a good idea to steer clear.

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