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Imperium Monthly Newsletter - July


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Its been a great month for both StarCitizen and Imperium! We’ve just had the release of 3.17.2 opening servers up to 100 people and limited to 75 during Siege of Orison. Speaking of Siege of Orison, SC will have both Siege and Jump Town on alternating days from July 30th to August 11th, Imperium is already getting groups together and setting up events, make sure to check out the #event-calendar and LFG channel!

In Imperium news, we’ve started implementing more updates to the Discord. You may see that some channels have changed names and/or locations so please take a moment to readjust yourself to the new layout and features. We’ve also changed our #help-desk channel from open discussion to Tickets! Allowing more specific assistance with what you need and everything to be kept private between you and Human Resources. If you have any questions, please make a ticket in the #help-desk!




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  • W0ders
  • Aldwulf
  • Hotshot_Goose
  • Whiskey_Priest
  • XenoPenguin
  • WhaleBait






Human Resources
HR is officially splitting into sections: Moderation, Recruitment, and Personnel.
With sections, we hope to find more people interested in Human Resources and joining the section they’re interested in, rather than spreading all of our members across the board. 
You may have also noticed we’re adding a new section called Personnel! Personnel is focused on making our community a better place for everyone by various means of gathering data, feedback, suggestions as well as finding areas where we can improve in the hopes of making our community better for all. Aka Community Health.


Interested in joining a Division and becoming a Specialist?
All divisions except Military are currently recruiting and want to hear from you! Please use this link and follow it to the Division recruitment section where you may browse our Divisions and their sections to find the right place for you! 

Have questions?
Go to Discord #help-desk and submit a ticket



Jump Town - July 2-3
Organized & Hosted: @Sir_Belial@J. Coren, @macgivre, @Space-Moose

Ninetails Blockade - July 4
Organized and Hosted by: @Adoulin Hawkledge

Reclaimer 101 - July 11
Organized & Hosted by: @GRIZZ

Carrier operations - July 12
Organized & Hosted: @macgivre & @Morse

Combat Flight Training - July 15
Organized & Hosted by: @Space-Moose

Siege of Orison - July 30-31
Organized and Hosted by: @Sir_Belial, @J. Coren, @macgivre, @Space-Moose

Monday Meeting - Every Monday
Organized and Hosted by: @GRIZZ


A note from our Event Coordinators:
“If you would like your event posted to #Event-announcements channel in Discord, or the Imperium Facebook page, or the Imperium Twitter account, please PM someone with the @Event Coordinator tag and we will be happy to assist you in making your event a success. Don't forget to add your event to the Imperium Calendar as it automatically converts start times for members around the globe." -Grizz  https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/calendar/


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