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Anvil Centurion - AA Vehicle


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So the shortrange version of the Ballista but with the added benefit that this one has a full set of evergy weapons and as such doesn't need to reload constantly. I kinda like it but am unsure as to the effectiveness as S4 weapons only have limited effective range.

Although could you imagine equipping this thing with 4 S4 distortion weapons? No need to destroy a target, just disable it and watch it plummet to the ground. :P 

Dis you also notice the new turret design on the roof with the singe S3? The other versions all have a remote turret with 2xS2 but this one has a remote turret with 1xS3. ;) 

That said, this "verstatile Atlas chassis" now has 3 vehicles to its name; the Ballista, the Spartan, and now the Centurion. I wonder what they're going to make next? Maybe one with a giant radar dish? Military forces around the world have those mobile command posts with giant radars; so I guess it would make sense to have something like that here. It wouldn't have a lot of defensive measures except a remote defense turret on the roof but that radar dish could work as an early warning system.



Personally I also hope we will see a smaller rover on a shortened Atlas chassis someday; so that we could have an Anvil rover that will be the same length as the RSI Ursa. So far we have very few vehicles in that size category. All these Ballista/Spartans/Centurions are great and all, but they require very specific transports to carry them around. So far only the Hercules and Liberator can carry these large vehicles afaik. Every other large ship with a vehicle bay can only carry up to an Ursa in terms of size. So I think it would be awesome to have an Anvil rover with the same metrics as the Ursa. :) 

Maybe something like this? (apologies for the crude attempt, I can only use MSPaint)


That way we would finally get to see some more Ursa sized vehicles as presently we have the RSI Ursa and that's it. Now the G12 rovers are still supposed to be coming at some point but as of yet they are all MIA. Same for the X1-series speeders which are also missing; which was strange as the 400i release would have been the perfect time for their release imo.

At any rate I would love to see a smaller Anvil rover that wouldn't be able to carry as much cargo or people as the Ursa; but instead would have more armor perhaps? The twin-S1 turret on the Ursa would deal about the same dps as that single S3 turret anyways. I think it would be a pretty cool addition to the Anvil family; and I would definitely buy me one so I could replace the Ursa in my Carrack so that I'd have a full set of Anvil support craft in my Anvil exploration ship. 🥰

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