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Feedback Wanted Flicon EVO. What exactly is this?


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This is the best joystick for space and flight simulator fans. Let's talk about why it's so great.


It's amazing that the twenty-first century has already "upgraded" to the point where you can pretend to be a pilot or an astronaut while sitting in a comfortable chair with a glass of soda on the table.


However, there is one condition.


Of course, you can conquer distant constellations or fight in the skies above the United States, but what kind of space flight or battle would it be if you didn't have an awesome joystick?


Have you encountered any difficulties? Was your ship attacked? A joystick, and only a joystick, will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere.


Then *drumroll* Flicon EVO enters the stage – so modern, comfortable, and one-of-a-kind. (Just look at its picture!)


Aside from the joystick's "appearance":

  1. It has a variety of sticks and buttons, as well as a double-click scroll encoder, lockable metal twist, and three 8-position hats ALPS with push.
  2. Compatible with all Thrustmaster Grips and Bases.
  3. Has a backlight.
  4. There is no backlash or extraneous noise.
  5. Has the lowest controller delay.


Not enough? It is very nice to grip in your hand. And it's all because of the adjustable platform, which will provide extra support.


Flicon Evo can be purchased from our website at http://flicon.eu/. Follow the link to take to the skies.






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