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Anybody looking for a active PMC group

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We are known as the Undead Soldiers were a PMC organization that takes missions from other guilds or people who request our services to help them with another group or a base they cant conquer
we offer
- training
- Promotions
- A discord for coms
- Meme channel
- NSFW channel
- And fire teams you can be assigned to
how you are trained is how your going into this world example spec ops usually carry a knife a suppressed auto rifle and laser pointer. Their work is to kill HVT[High value Targets] and military espionage. Another example is infantry. You will be assigned a fire team of 5 you being one of the 5 unless you have a set of friends than you guys can be your own fire team with your fire team name. If you don't have a fire team name you will be called fire team No and a number
If your want to be apart of this apply here I check daily


or DM on discord General D sykes#1774

Undead profile pic.png

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