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Imperium Monthly Newsletter - June


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Welcome to the Imperium Newsletter for June!

Let's start off with some updates to our Discord. We have added a new bot that handles temporary voice channels. To use this bot, simply find the “Other Voice” section in Discord, then join the “Create Voice Channel” and a new voice channel will be created for you!
Second, Discord has added a new feature, Text chats in every voice channel. To find this, hover over the voice channel you would like to type in, you will see a chat bubble appear to the right of the name, click on it and you will see the text chat. Please get used to this feature as we have removed our Voice-text channel.
Another topic related to Discord is, start thinking of some emotes you would like added to the server! We’re getting around to some Discord updates and one will be getting suggestions from you the community on Emotes you would like to see! We will create a way to track the nominations so hold onto them for now but look for it in the near future!

We’ve had a great turn out for our events this month. They’ve been great fun and we appreciate all that create, help and attend. If you would like to create, host or help an event, please contact @REIGN-11-87 or @GRIZZ our event coordinators and they will help you!

Lastly, welcome to all our new & returning members! If you have any feedback in regards to anything Imperium, especially things you’d like to see in the Newsletter, please contact @Switch on Discord and let's have a chat! We are always looking to improve and provide better content for our community, help us by providing input!



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  • Sicarius_Cato
  • Ironcladpharoah
  • zYomi
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Human Resources has promoted a new officer: @Switch

Divisions Recruiting
All divisions except Military are recruiting! Please see this page for further information.




Imperium Mining Op - June 11
Organized & Hosted by: @REIGN-11-87


Hammerhead Duels - June 17
Organized & Hosted by: @Morse@macgivre

Imperium Naked Bunker Runs - June 25
Organized & Hosted by: @J. Coren & @Sir_Belial


Operation Revolving Door - June 25
Organized & Hosted by: @REIGN-11-87 & @Psychopath

Monday Meeting - Every Monday
Organized & Hosted by: @GRIZZ


A note from our Event Coordinators:
If you would like your event posted to #Event-announcements channel in Discord, or the Imperium Facebook page, or the Imperium Twitter account please PM someone with the @Event Coordinator tag and we will be happy to assist you in making your event a success. Don't forget to add your event to the Imperium Calendar as it automatically converts start times for members around the globe." -Grizz  https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/calendar/

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