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WHEN:  Saturday, June 25th  -  UTC - 20:00  EST - 16:00

RALLY POINT:  Everus Harbor - Hurston 


Hurston Security has contracted us to perform anti Nine Tails operations on Hurston and its surrounding moons, they require us to meet the needs of any security station that requests support, and we are to investigate any security station that has gone silent. Further operational tasks may come forward as we have reports of a possible Nine Tails outpost inside the cave networks on Hurston.


   - For ease of identification please wear the Morozov-SH armor variant Aftershock Terracotta (brown/orange)(Available @ HUR L1 Station).
   - Helmet choice is left down to each soldiers. NO PIRATE ARMOR please.
   - Both air and ground assets have been sighted by Hurston Security so be on the look out for ambushes by Nine Tails air assets
   - We have reports of Nine Tails being able to take control over the security station air-defence turrets
   - Be careful on approach, you may have to land outside at a distance of 1.6 KM if landing area is to hot.
   - Small Arms choice is left to soldiers discretion but fragmentation and explosive ordnance is prohibited 
   - Re-arm and Re-supply is available during operation. It it is required you start the operation with at minimum 2 medi pens, combat knife and at least 5 magazines
   - Nearest weapon shop is HUR L1. It is also advised to bring combat rations
    -We have also been given permission by Hurston Security to strip and salvage, terminated Nine Tails members we come across. 


  = Marine Infantry
  = Marine Driver 
  = Marine Combat Pilot (Small Combat Craft, i.e Arrow, hurricane, etc.) 
  = Marine Dropship Pilot (Dropship Type Craft, i.e cutlass, valkyrie, MSR, etc.) 
  = Marine Corpsmen (Medic)
  = Marine Medical Ship Pilot (Cutlass Red/Carrack)
  = Camera Crew

ALL SCB / IMPERIUM Members are welcome, Late Joiners Accepted
Dedicated comm channel will be Discord - "SCB Gaming 1" Channel

Please review Discord Event Announcement
Please send in-game friend request to @[IMP] Psychopath  or @[IMP] REIGN-11-87 for party invites


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