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CLOSED! Find clues and uncover a Banu lockbox code of your own!

Danakar Endeel

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I noticed this entry in the "Celebrate Alien Week" post:


For those unable to make a Bar Citizen event in person, keep a watchful eye for clues on all of our publishes for a limited-time chance to uncover a Banu lockbox code of your own. Puzzled? You should be.

So it looks like CIG will be hiding clues so that people can find their own code for a Banu lockbox. That sounds nice of CIG to offer an alternate means to obtain that flair item for those who can't make it to a Bar Citizen (and don't want to spend a fortune for a silly scratchcard on Ebay). :P



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10 minutes ago, Morgen Black said:

Thank you for the update, does anyone know what is inside the Banu lockbox?


There's nothing inside the lockbox apparently as it's just a replica. :)

This replica Banu lockbox mimics the look and feel of these rare and highly sought-after collector's items. Usually owned by the heads of soulis to hold valuable items or documents, this version was produced as a purely decorative item for Humans and can't be opened.

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Looks like the code is limited to the first 200 people that enter it. Kinda sucks, especially considering timezones, so I expect that the codes will be gobbled up very quickly once the fourth set of symbols is revealed (probably during SCL). Here's hoping that CIG will have more giveaways in the future...

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1 hour ago, vahadar said:

YOBA has been brute forced it seems.

Yeah, that's what I heard as well. Some people were apparently also running automated scripts to try combinations in order to force the sequence.

CIG hadn't even revealed the 4th clue yet when the code was already being used up. It's a shame but it was to be expected as CIG still does not seem to understand how these things work. :P

Hopefully CIG will learn from this and maybe next time they will hand these rewards out as Twitch Drops or something so that everyone has an equal chance to obtain these items. ;) 

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CIG apparently re-enabled the code!! Get your lockbox while you can! 

EDIT1: Nevermind, seems it was either a bug that got me through to the checkout screen or the codes were gobbled up again. 😒

EDIT2: Turns out that CIG had added some more 'charges' to the code with the reveal of some Banu transmission but those were all gobbled up in mere minutes. What's even more disappointing is how they first tell you "Wow, look what we've unlocked for you!" only to then deny you the item afterwards. 😖



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  • Danakar Endeel changed the title to CLOSED! Find clues and uncover a Banu lockbox code of your own!

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