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Hurston : Savanah Biome and coastline


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To find the Savanah biome, go to Hurston, in Stanton system. 
Then jump to Orbital Marker 1 : (North Pole). 
From there look at the heading 235°
You should see 2 big water mass 
On the top left corner you should see HDMS Oparei


From there you can either jump directly to HDMS Oparei or go to one of the 2 land mass. 
I advise to go to the right landmass (with a fork shape) and then head to a 70° along the green corridor toward the second land mass. 



Please find herunder the Farrister's location spotlight about HDMS Oparei :


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Hello there, i m finding Pitambus on Hurston and i think it was grown in Savannah Biomes. But in 3.19 the HDMS Oparei seems changes its location. Do you have any newest biome distribution map of Hurston?

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