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Finding Paradise Cove on lyria (aka Jumptown)


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Paradise Cove (Jumptown)

Be aware that as of 3.17.1 patch there are no longer weapons crates there.

Starting point : Lyria, Arcorp moon. 
Jump to OM 3, from there point to OM2 (South Pole), and correct around 10° to your left (bearing 170°)

Then fly above the mountainous area until you start to see the snow plain. (around 4-5 mn at 1200 m/s)
There look for the following structures:  The structure in the yellow circle is a perfect bullseye. 


Zooming in it gives that : 

From the ground it will looks like that : 


Please note the snowy platform in the yellow circle easily visible from orbit. You can also notice the crescent shape of the mountain. 
Paradise cove is in the middle of the red square. 

As of 16.1, Paradise Cove is comprised of 3 rooms, each containing 1 weapon crate.


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