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Terada organizing a race on Micro Tech River

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Hello, for you information, Terada, the french streamer that is doing low flight videos of star citizen is organizing a river race : 
To sum it up : capture your best run on the river on microtech (maximum 2 mn long) and submite it to win on of the gifts supplied by CIG. 

The ship must be an arrow. 

If you are interested we can organize run sessions (supplying you the said arrow ship). 



Here are the instruction to find the river : 

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The exact rules of the contest here on the River Race's discord server :


You need to fly below the tree level, or you will be disqualified.

Submission of video is before the 22th of May.

There are 3 prizes, sponsored by CIG :

1st prize : Razor LTI Starterpack
2nd prize : Origin M50 LTI Starterpack
3rd prize : Anvil Arrow LTI Starterpack

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