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Imperium Monthly Newsletter - March

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Welcome to the March Newsletter!

Let's start with some unit news! We have an announcement to all Unit Administrators asking them to sign up for Unit Categories in the Imperium discord server. Imperium is looking into more ways to make units more accessible to the general member base, and unit categories are the first step being taken to pursue this goal!  “This will hopefully allow interested Imperium members the ability to interact with units beyond any initial conversations in your unit recruitment threads” -Arcanus  
If you are a Unit admin or assistant, please give his message a read in the #unit-support-admins channel in Discord and note that he is asking for feedback in relation to the unit categories, so please don't be shy to share your thoughts!

Next up, this is older news to some but new to others like myself, one of our Military Specialists @macgivre took the time to map Yela and Lyria, this was combined with the Coordinate maps from Deep Space Crew where they highlighted points of interests, providing a map you can navigate much easier! Young can find it posted here on SCB. 

Lastly, our Academy Division is looking for more people to assist in the creation and teaching of courses. If you have any interest in this, please reach out to @PowerWagon.



  • Destroyer381
  • Glunim
  • Hasham
  • Terrorkahn
  • Romeo_XCV
  • Insurgus
  • LionelT
  • CrazyCrump






Military has added four new specialists! 

@Posidonius, @Acent0r, @Morse, and @J. Coren

Divisions Recruiting

All divisions except Military are currently recruiting!
Please see the application page located on Portal.



Imperium Race Day - March 11
Organized & Hosted by:


Imperium Mining Op - March 12
Organized & Hosted by:


Ship Training [Starfarer] - March 20
Organized & Hosted by:


Imperium TvT boarding exercise - March 26
Organized & Hosted by:
@J. Coren


A note from our Event Coordinators:

If you would like your event posted to #Event-announcements channel in Discord, or the Imperium Facebook page, or the Imperium Twitter account please PM someone with the @Event Coordinator tag and we will be happy to assist you in making your event a success. Don't forget to add your event to the Imperium Calendar as it automatically converts start times for members around the globe." -Grizz  https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/calendar/

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