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It's here! It's finally here!

Danakar Endeel

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My Haslab Star Wars Razor Crest has finally arrived today! 🥰




I was worried at first that my Customs agency would slap on another "21% VAT + processing fees" because I had pre-ordered & paid it through Zavvi back in 2020 (which is based in the UK) just before the UK exited the EU and I've had issues with that Customs office ever since whenever I purchased something from the UK be it from Ebay or Etsy; they just ignored the IOSS codes that indicate when taxes have already been paid, then blame the seller. and tell me to go get my taxes back from them (while they keep the 'processing fees'). 😒

Fortunately all went well and now I have something to put together tomorrow. I feel like a little kid again who was just as excited when he opened his box of the Millenium Falcon at Christmas back in the day. Well, Christmas came early for me this year! 💕

I will post more pictures tomorrow after opening the box. Need to clear out my table in the living room first to make enough room to unpack this beast. :P

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On 2/22/2022 at 11:04 PM, Buckaroo said:

Okay, so when are you opening the box and showing the goods?  :D :D 

Not sure if these forums like lots of images but I'll try to upload them with similar commentary as the thread I posted over on Concierge :P

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Here are some additional images of me putting everything together. This is by far the largest Star Wars toy I've ever had and it's also very heavy (I estimate around 5-6kg) so it's not a toy you'd be flying around in the living room with it. :P

The size is definitely impressive. When fully assembled it comes in at 80cm in lenght, 50cm in width, and 28cm in height (from floor to the top of the engines).

I thought my Vintage Collection Slave 1 already had a pretty nice size but it's definitely not a match for the Razorcrest. I've added some comparison shots below at the bottom of the post. Then again, it's to be expected as the Vintage Collection Slave 1 (released in 2020) was a regular retail release at around €150 as I recall whereas Haslab is specifically meant to create certain toys that would never be viable for retailers and needs pre-orders with die-hard collectors coughing up bags of cash to come into existence (like Jabba's Sailbarge which was also a Haslab product). I guess it also comes in handy when people already paid the whole lump sum in advance. :)

But enough of my babbling; this is what my €401.48 (€399.99 plus €1,49 shipping) and approximately 16 months of waiting has bought me :D


The box itself just fit on my living room table at approximately 80cm in lenght. It shows the nice front with the ship in 'landing more' and some of the character Din Djarin meets along the way. The back shows a black&white version of the ship in 'flight mode' on its display stand.

Everything inside is nice and securely placed with some tape holding things in place while other items have some additional thin paper to protect the main components from minor scratching. Din Djarin with "soft goods" cloth cloak complete with his signature blaster, rifle, and jetpack was just added in a little baggy while a unique version of Grogu aka 'Baby Yoda' holding the little metal ball with a special vac-metal silver crib (the one that was built by Kuiil) and the other being an Offworld Jawa Elder with a necklace, belt, kukri knife, and opened egg each on their own cardback (for comparison the regular retail Offworld Jawa doesn't come with the necklace, belt, kukri knife, and only has an unopened egg in the package). I wouldn't be surprised if some of these are already being sold separately on Ebay for insane prices.


Here are some additional contents with the main body of the ship removed. The thrusters, guns, and a baggy with small parts. The Thrusters have panels that you can take apart. Likewise the body also allows for several panels to be taken off to kinda recreate the scene where the Jawas had stripped the ship. It's not as many loose bits and pieces as Haslab initially showed/intended but I guess they didn't want to have too many small pieces that might pop off and go missing (like all those things that ended up in mom's vaccum-cleaner back in the day; never to be seen again); hence the fewer larger panels to still convey the scene properly.

Also a picture of the display stand that was one of the "Stretchgoal unlocks" and an escape pod. So this is definitely not a Drake ship as Drake doesn't do escape pods ever since CIG forgot to put them on the Cutlass with Chris making up some excuse about "no escape pods on Drake ships to give the value back to the customer" because there is little value given back to the customer in Drake ships to warrant the pricetags LOL. This escape-pod was also a "Stretchgoal unlock" I believe. We never saw this in action during the series just like we never saw that deployable dual blaster turret that can pop up from the back of the ship. Not sure if that's Haslab's creative work or that the ship actually did have a remote turret there with Din Djarin simply never using it (it could have been helpful during that chase scene with the other bountyhunter who used Din's "I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold" line).


The first image here shows how the ship looks with the escape pod and panelling removed which looks pretty well done. The attention to detail and greeblies look pretty awesome imo. Overall Haslab did a pretty good job on the exterior of the ship to make it look like it flew in straight from the TV-series. Well, ofcourse it's smaller than the actual ship. But if Haslab had to scale it properly I guess it would have had to be at least 50% larger. The canopy (sadly) isn't hinged but simply comes off completely offering access to the interior. There you can easily position Din Djarin (thanks to his soft-goods cloak) and Grogu comes with that old box that he had been 'living' in after the original was thrown in the trash (not sure why Din didn't just take it out of the trash again) so you can either have Grogu in that box or the vac-metal crib (or the original crib if you bought the separate double-pack with Mando/Grogu/Crib/Helmet/Backpack/Frog. Enough options to carry Grogu around. :) 

Also, lots of blasters to fill up the weapon locker (which was very finnicky and needed to fit exactly as shown in the instructions) and a large assortment of different colored backpacks that you can hang from various pegs along the walls (there are more hooks than there are backpacks so you can mix them around a bit; or maybe someday we get a disassembled "Zero" to hang in a bag on the wall perhaps? 🤣

The 4 carbonite blocks of his bounties (there were theories about the identities of those other three people as there was a criminal gang with a man, a woman, and a Rodian in a comic series but I forgot the names) as well as poor Mythrol who didn't get to celebrate Life Day was also a "Stretchgoal unlock" and you can snap them onto clamps hanging from the ceiling and move them around. There's also the carbon freeze chamber but for some reason the instructions claim you can open up the door but there's a hook and wall section on the opposite wall that prevents it from opening completely. Not sure why there's a cover on the chamber at all though as in the TV-series there wasn't one either. Maybe I'll just remove the cover plate if it's not too difficult. ;) 


And here are some final images of the whole ship put together. It was very nice of Haslab to have so many panels to come off including the entire roof so that you have easy access to everything. It was also very cool imo that the net you see in the first image isn't plastic but some kind of cloth. It looks pretty awesome. Also lots of little hooks to hang all those backpacks on.

On the last images you can see the sheer size difference between the Vintage Collection Slave 1 versus the Haslab Razor Crest. Makes you wonder if Haslab will ever make a larger Slave 1; but for that to happen I guess the "Book of Boba Fett" needs to do well with the audience (I haven't watched it myself yet). I did see that Haslab was offering the throneroom from "book of Boba Fett" including a fat Bib Fortuna; so who knows what the future will hold for Star Wars Haslab projects. Their Rancor project failed miserably (allegedly because Haslab didn't listen to the fans) so here's hoping that the next project will be something the fans actually want. 😄

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed these images. I for one am very happy with my Razorcrest or Razor Crest or however you're officially supposed to spell it. It also turns out that Spectrum definitely allows you to upload way more pictures in JPEG format compared to PNG and it seems that today Spectrum was kind enough to let me upload all my JPEGs (sometimes it outright refuses JPEG but allows PNG just fine; very wierd).

Thanks for watching and take care!! 

...Now the only question that remains is how to display it as the ship can be displayed both in "Landing Mode" with the landing gear attached or in "Flight Mode" by removing the landing gear and closing the landing gear panels while then using the included display stand. I'll have to think about that some more (and I would definitely need to place the box and Grogu on the port-side seat as he would slide off the starboard one due to the way the ship leans on the stand). Additionally I'll have to find a nice place to put it in the living room so I can enjoy it fully. Maybe I should put it on a nice 80x80 table that I wasn't using for anything except littering it with random tools and such. :P 




And here were a few bonus images that I hadn't uploaded to that Spectrum thread as I was nearing capacity on that forum. 😅

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On 2/26/2022 at 7:49 PM, LowZone said:

Really impressive attention to detail. Just needs a modified N-1 Starfighter to complete the set!

Yeah, you can definitely tell the difference between Hasbro and Haslab. :)

As for the modified N-1 Starfighter I'm sure that Hasbro will re-release a Mandalorian version at some point as it would be very easy to do as Hasbro already made the model back in 1998. So all they would have to do is give it a different paintjob, making some cutouts to expose the engines a bit to make it look more rugged, a clear dome where the droid was supposed to go and done. Hasbro has done quite a few repaints and re-releases before. Same with the Slave 1 where the 2020 Vintage Collection version was a re-release with better paint application and a clear plastic stand as that was one of the main complaints back then of the 2013 Empire Strikes Back version; which was itself a re-release of the 2010 "Rise of Boba Fett" Jango Fett version😅

So Hasbro could just take the molds of their 1998 "Episode 1 Electronic Naboo Fighter with Real Movie Lights and Sounds" and with some minor thruster modifications and extended blasters turn it into the one shown in the "Book of Boba Fett"; then sell it for their Star Wars "The Mandalorian" Vintage Collection for $60 or something and people would likely buy it. Would be cool if they also fixed the issues with the tail this time around (that one was a weak point in the 1998 version) and give it a clear plastic display stand like they did with their 2020 Vintage Collection Slave 1. ;)


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