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WHEN: Thurs. Feb.3 - 17:00 UTC (10:00 MST)


MISSION: -Ops Duration: ALL DAY
                    -Locate cargo wrecks and deploy Boarding Parties to exterminate remaining NPC's on foot
                    -Transfer required cargo to our own cargo ships and transport to Jericho
                    -Repel continuous waves of NPC ships as well as probable Hostile Players
                    -We may have a long wait until XT goes live. We will use that time to finalize our loadouts and possibly do some bounties

NOTES:   - Combat Fighters needed! NO fighter turned away! Ion, Inferno, Sabre, Hornet, Talon, Gladius +++
                 - Combat Pilots AND Turret Gunners needed! NO combat ship will be turned away! Suggested Multicrew Ships: Hurricane, Redeemer, Hammerhead
                 - Cargo Ships needed! NO cargo ship will be turned away! Suggested Cargo Ships: Cutlass Black, Valkyrie, Caterpillar, Carrack
                 - Boarding Parties required to kill NPC's on foot! You'll need armor, guns and ammo! Don't forget your med pens and Med Gun
                 - Box Movers will require a Greycat Multitool with Tractor Beam attatchment. Bring extras!!
                 - Please have sufficient food/water/medpens stored on-person and appropriate personal armor/FPS weapons
                 - EVENTS WILL BE RECORDED - Please behave 
                 - Please make every effort to have your spawn set @ designated Rally Point BEFORE Op Start Time
                 - ALL SCB / IMPERIUM Members are welcome, Late Joiners Accepted
                 - Discord comms to be used - "SCB / Imperium Events" Channel
                 - Please send in-game friend request to REIGN-11-87 for party invites
                 - Command personnel please download and install Microsoft Whiteboard for Operation Tracking (https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/microsoft-365/microsoft-whiteboard/digital-whiteboard-app)


    = Command (Open to Fleet Command/Officers/Specialists/Unit Administrators)
    = Medical Ship
    = Cargo Ship Pilot
    = Combat Fighter
    = Combat Multicrew Ship
    = Combat Turret Gunner
    = Boarding Party
    = Camera Crew
    = Food Truck

If you plan to attend, please respond with the colored shape that represents your preferred role (see Discord announcement) to facilitate planning. Let's dust off our guns, make some aUEC and have some FUN!! Any and all inquiries can be PM'd to @[IMP] REIGN-11-87 directly. 07
@Events @LFG - Star Citizen


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Super nice, this is an exciting event !!!
Unfortunately I would not be able to attend the event, but I will be eager to read the de-briefing 😁

PS : Let's take a moment to think about the Idriss entering Stanton :


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