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Complete WTS - (2) LTI CCU'd Banu Merchantman $330 each.


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  Selling 2 1 ships.  Base is a (Hull A LTI)  cross chassis upgraded to a Banu Merchantman.

Price is :$330 each inclusive of Paypal fees.

Melt Value is: $325

Store price is: $550

These ships are standalone and upgraded they do not come with anything else other than a Hull A poster and model.  You must own a copy of the game to use them.


If interested please DM me.

  • You must be Paypal verified.  
  • You RSI email should match your Paypal.
  • I will use an invoice and record the gifting process.
  • Given the RSI gifting process is one way, all sales are final.


This is more ideal for someone who wants a BMM or wants to upgrade from there.

Be aware, if you melt this ship you will have a LTI HULL A on your buyback and $325 in RSI store credit.




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Also looked through my CCU's:

if you would like a Polaris instead add $208

If you want the A2 Hercules I think I can do that for $156 more.

The bad news is I only have an upgrade path for one of the two above.


Also can do Liberator for $26 more.

Odyssey is what it is priced in the store $156 more, but really you can do this one yourself currently, if it is gone from the store sure I will hold the CCU.

All prices include Paypal fee.

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