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Very weird issue with mouse moving


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Hi, when i  am ingame the FPS on a good server is around 60 Fps, but when i moving the mouse, the fps drops  down about 50% or more.

This issue is in the menus too, simply moving the cursor and the fps pulled down.

Never had this before, reinstalled but no luck.

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Try unplugging unneeded inputs like webcam and unused joysticks.  

This could happen from too many human input devices connected causing a conflict.

It's never a bad idea to make sure you are updating windows and device drivers, especially the chipset drivers for your motherboard..



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      i am new so sorry in advance.
      so i brought the Mustang Alpha Pack last night downloaded the game and for some reason i can only access the hangar and have no Mustang? can someone please help?

    • By Eleidess
      I come back to you following my thread that I did six month ago, and I have a lot of news!
      To sump up quickly, I’m in the company that has created the Lexip mouse, a mouse with two integrated joysticks for 3D profesionals. After my last thread, I talked with my team and the project of created a gaming mouse started.
      We have improved our first mouse thanks to our beta testing team who allowed us to create the perfect gaming mouse: 200 to 8200 DPI, braided cables, programmable buttons…
      Today, in order to bring this project to a successful conclusion, we launch our Kickstarter campaign! I wanted to share this information with you in preview because it’s thanks to you, members of this forum that this project is born. 
      I can answer all of your questions, this mouse is my baby! ;)
      Thank you for everything!
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      Hello everyone
      I published here some time ago (https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/21771-optimal-navigation-with-a-3d-mouse/) and thanks to you I gathered all the information I wanted in order to prepare my gaming mouse project
      Now, I only miss one thing to perfect my presentation : the configurations of the mouse. So I need you again please !
      Here is the list of the buttons and X, Y, Z axis :
      -        Left and right clics
      -        2 side buttons
      -        Joystick button (you press the joy)
      -        Analog joystick 360° : config on 4 directions
      -        Analog tilt 360° : config on 4 directions
      -        Translation up, down, left, right
      -        Scroll wheel up, down
      -        Scroll wheel button
      -        Lexip button (under the scroll wheel)
      -        Scroll wheel sensitivity
      -        Mouse sensitivity
      -        DPI (01 to 5040)
      You can set up all these buttons with the Control Panel. You can do what you want (keyboard keys, shortcuts, macros…).
      How would you configure the mouse ?
      I can't wait to exchange with you.
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      Hello everyone,
      I work in a company which has created a 3D mouse designed for graphic designers and 3D designers. I found this video and I think using our mouse with video games would be great, I would like to know your opinion on the subject.
      Our mouse is called "Lexip 3D", it has a joystick and a tilt allowing movements in 3 dimensions on 6 axes. Companies like Dassault Systems have had the opportunity to work with.
      Today, the mouse always targets professionals but I would like to present some mouse’s configurations on video games to my superiors to propose the development of a Lexip gaming mouse. I had the opportunity to do some tests on your game:
      You can set the tilt, the joystick, the buttons as well as the classic keys of the mouse.
      As regular players, what do you think of our mouse?
      Would it be interesting for Star Citizen (or other space games)?
      Do you have any configuration ideas?
      Thanks for your time !
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      So ive decided to fire up ArmA III up again today and for some reason after the update it did... its unplayable laggy (5-7fps)
      Before this the game ran fine on ultra at 60-80 fps no problems, the only real changes since i last played are the Win10 creators update and ArmA III update (the last version i remember playing was just as Apex went live and before Jets DLC came to be/was even talked about)
      Has anyone else experienced this? Know a fix?
      Everything is up to date and all other games run just fine Really dont know whats up
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