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Date : Saturday 15 January

Time : starting at 14h UTC - duration 10 Hours

Rally point : TBD (depend on jumptown event location)

Organizers : Macgivre and Morse

Unfolding :  

- Relocation to area, setup of imprint location (14h to 14h30 UTC)

- Briefing (14H30-15H)

- Diplomatic address to server population 

- Recon of area (15H-15H15) / loading of heavy mechinery

- Opening of landing area (15H15)

- Begining of loading operation (aiming 15H30, but depends on security over area)

Equipment needed :  

Loading tools (we will try to have a stock of a few dozen)

Medical gun equiped with disabling drugs (used as non lethal force)

2-3 Nova tank for hype factor

4 Gladius + multicrew ships with turret operators

2 Medium transport ship

Access to spectrum organizations to screen people on site

What is this event about :  

The goal is to organize the extraction of ressources on site in a contested environment with both hostile and neutral activities. 
Our aim is to : 

1) Make a decent profit (even if it should not be ludicrous given the wide sharing we will have to make)

2) Use this event as a Public Relation event

3) Work on our in game communication and organization in a complex environment

Roles and organization :

Air security : 
- Mac 
- Morse 

- Kurokoro

Ground security:
- Dr Zli



- Jeider



Air Traffic Controler
: head of the event
He manages the number of aircraft, their status (allies, ennemies, neutral).
He manages the rotation of transport ships in and out of the area.
He coordinates with air security team to ensure the status of the airspace.
He calls for the closure of airspace to cargo operations if a major battle start. 

Air security responsible : 
He manages the group of fighters above jumptown
He identify any incoming ship and report their status to Air Traffic Controller
He direct the armed response against ennemy ships
He call for reinforcement if required
He can be requested to dispatch fighter(s) as recon in anti-sniper research

Load Master :
He manages the logistic team (including cargo pilots)
He manages extraction of ressource and preparation of loads
He affects loads to cargo ships
He manages loading in various ships
A standardized cargo load will be defined during briefing

Groud security responsible :
He manages the gendarme team (translate in men of arm)
He manages the presence of neutral people inside the building
He act as the diplomat making address to server population
He guarantee safety of logistic team
He manages response to sniper outside the building

Basic vision : 
1 Air Traffic Controller
1 Air security responsible + 3 fighters
1 Load master + 2 logistic guys
1 Ground security responsible + 3 gendarmes

So 12 people are requested for a smooth event

4 events are foreseen : 
1) Sharing with neutral people : 
As we are a member of PACT we are not entitled to close an area to civilian people ("don't be a dick" rule)
So we have to allow civilian to take their share of the event's profit
The goal will be for the ground security responsible to see on the chat who is incomming
The Load master will have to supply a standardized cargo load corresponding to X minutes of production to civilian guy
The production will be shared by time slot, for example we can keep half of the production time slot for us, or a third (it will be defined during the briefing : as a rules of thumb 0,5 minute gave 14KaUEC so 4 minutes give 112K aUEC). 
This will be the most communication intensive labour of the event
Any people trying to poach the cargo load will be considered hostile and druged to passing out by our gendarmes

2) Sniper activity
In case of ennemy sniper activity : 
- 1 or 2 fighters will be dispatched in a search and destroy operation
- Gendarmes will use optics of Nova tank or Ursa APC to identify position
- Cargo ship will be authorized to stay stationnary at 30m of the airlock of the building and loading will be processed using gravity gun
- Ursa APC or bigger ship may be used as mobile wall to break sniper's line of sight

3) Major air battle
In case of major ennemy activity : 
- All coms will be cleared for Air activity
- All logistic members will be reafected to air defense (using spare gladius or multi crew turret ship such as hurricane)
- The load master will continue to prepare the loads to make production flow uninterupted
- Ground security will secure the building from the inside to prevent infiltration

4) Building infiltration
In case of infiltration : a breaking in operation will be launched with both ground security and logistic team. 
Use of grenade launcher is advised to wipe out ennemy presence inside the building


🔺️= Air security

🔶️= Ground security

🔴= Logistic

Once we have a better understanding of what everyone is willing to do, we will provide teams setup.
Keep in mind that this event is focused on securing the compound, so we need the majority of people in security teams. 
If you don't feel confident, training will be provided on site will waiting for the ennemy. 


- Experiments will be made with the flare and shaff during the event
- EVENTS MAY BE RECORDED - Please behave
- Please make every effort to have your spawn set @ designated Rally Points BEFORE Op Start Time
- ALL SCB / IMPERIUM Members are welcome,
- Late joiners will struggle to join the event. Please, try to be ready on time for the briefing and OP start
- Please send in-game friend request to morse27400 for party invites
- Command personnel please download and install Microsoft Whiteboard for Operation Tracking (https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/microsoft-365/microsoft-whiteboard/digital-whiteboard-app)


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Just a note - it would be prudent to organize FPS training for our teams several days before, thinking that we can organize training on site is not realistic, people need to have at least basic training before actual combat. I'm applying for a gendarme position s'il vous plait xD

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Actually it will be short to organize a training during this week. 

My intention is to have a crash courses on use of grav and med guns on site for people who don't know them. 

For tactical organization and other more advanced skills, we will take this event as an opportunity to note our points of progress to make :)

I note you as a gendarm ^^

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I do not know anything about FPS. Literally zero. But I would like to participate, but as Dr_Z mentioned, someone like me would take up too much of the teams time. I also do not wish to Google search and watch videos for hours and hours that may/may not be up to date/relevant.

Is there a Star Citizen video or 2 or 3 out there that shows the basic fundamentals of what FPS skills will be needed?

As I've proven with mining, I'm a quick learner and good student, but will probably require a solid 15-30 min of someone's time, ahead of time.


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Concerning basic FPS training, i can teach you the basics (keybinds, basic tactics to clear rooms and so on).

When you see me on discord during this week, don't hesitate to ask me and i will gladly take you on a basic FPS course ;)

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Yeah, definitively. 
The time schedule is only for my "watch" and it already cover 10 hours, so if the event start at 3am for you, you may join for example at 8 or 9am until 1pm and still participate to a major part of the event, and then offer to prolonge it for any members interested, that is the power of our Org :)


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Preliminary debriefing as of 00H00 UTC
Operation began at 14H UTC with briefing and teams formation. 
First boots on ground were reported at 14H36.
Begining was very rought with the loss of a landing ship full of security crew and vehicules. 
Anyway the operation get well, with the successfull interdiction of a group of 3 ennemy fighter and a few individual hostiles. 
On the ground we had to suffer the loss of one ship, but we successfully dispatch 7 ennemies, and 2 snipers. 
Special thank to Dr_Zli that one-handedly took off a few people that where lurking below the facility. 

One major positive point of this first part was that we succeded in maintaining the area open for neutral individuals. 
As a PACT member this is a great milestone for us : we are not playing in the butcher category, we are able to maintain a clear profesionnal fire discipline. 
This as been quite appreciated by peoples on the server, both lawfull and unlawfull (PvPers got their shoot of dogfight too :) )

Unfortunately the event went down at 18H UTC. 
At that time the profit was 1,9 M aUEC. 
Given the efforts, Cyberiank donated 3 M aUEC and I completed it with 2 M aUEC

For the 14 members crewing the differents team that represent 0,5M each. 
Thank you for you all in this first group, you laid down the basis of a strong event. 
Air security : 
- Mac
- Morse
- Kurokoro
- Chimaera

Ground security:
- Adoulin
- Dr Zli
- Cyberiank
- Triggerminus
- Equinor
- 205th OPS

- Jeider
- LokiFox
- 1Triton 
- Hayzer
- Grigg
- Grizz

At 19H00 UTC the event resumed, on Yela this time. 
After a swift relocation and team reformation we were able to resume operation. 

The first hour was also very rought, with a solo Hornet tearing our air Security element.
In the meantime we suffered a few loss on ground either due to this ennemy ship, or due to other ennemy ground personnels.  
Following this ennemy activity, we were forced to close the area to neutral people. 
The ground element locked up inside, while pilling up the cargo to ensure that we were not loosing any production slot. 

After a regroupment, the air security element, under Belial's lead take back control of airspace
From that instant the event run on smoothly : the ground element get a tight control of the perimeter, the air security element pushed back a few ennemy incursions. 
We had to take the loss of one or two cargo ships due to A2 bombing, but around 21H UTC the area was mostly calm and the loading operation was running at an industrial scale thanks to our logistic team. 
We had only 2 or 3 individuals really dangerous presenting over the area, but Belial, Morse and CC-corp made wonder to push them back. 

As of 00H00 UTC, the operation is still running on, with more that 6 M aUEC collected for this second part. 
For this second part the crew where formed as below

Air security : 
- Mac
- Morse
- Sir_Belial
- Switch
- CC-Corp
- Federal
- Vegabond
- IceMirror

Ground security:
- Adoulin
- Dr Zli
- Kurokoro
- Lythical
- Triggerminus

- Grizz
- 1Triton 
- LokiFox
- MrAliFu
- Cyberiank
- Hayzer
- Jeider

Final figures are still being collected (as the operation is still well underway), but I would like to thank you all for your participation and professionalism : 
We had 23 participants over the course of 11 hours.

It was a true pleasure to be part of such a great team ! 

While we are still hot from the event I would like to ask you for 2 small things : 
1) Please tell us the areas where we can progress, some tricks you went to try, or simply the things we should keep for the next event
2) Don't forget that Morse is organizing a scenarized event next week that will be focused on ground operation, we would be delighted to have you on board for such event. 

You will find the list of individual participants hereunder*, **

- 1Triton        - 638 000
- 205th OPS     [alt account]
- Adoulin        - 638 000
- CC-Corp        - 638 000
- Chimaera       - 638 000
- Cyberiank        - 638 000
- Dr Zli        - 638 000
- Equinor        - 638 000
- Federal        - 638 000
- Grigg            - 638 000
- Grizz            - 638 000
- Hayzer        - 638 000
- IceMirror        - 638 000
- Jeider        - 638 000
- Kurokoro         - 638 000
- LokiFox        - 638 000
- Lythical        - 638 000
- Mac             - 638 000
- Morse         - 638 000
- MrAliFu        - 638 000
- Sir_Belial    - 638 000
- Switch        - 638 000
- Triggerminus  - 638 000
- Vegabond        - 638 000

*If by any chance I forgot you, please accept my deepest apologize and reach to me, to allow me to perform correction. 
** next to the name is the profit share. 

The sharing will be as follow : 
500 000 for participating the event, for a total of 23*0,5 = 11,5 M aUEC
+ 138 000 as split of the remaining value = 3,180 M aUEC

2 M aUEC given to Grizz for event organization (prize for racing event, ... )

That shared value of 16,680 M aUEC


The rest of the profit is shared evenly beetween all attendants. (I wait for the final figures to the equal splitting between the 23 attendants). 

As of now, the inputs are the following : 
First event : 1,9M aUEC
Second event : 9,78M aUEC split as follow
- Kurokoro : 230 400 aUEC

- Hayzer : 1 620 000 aUEC

- LokiFox : 6 489 600 aUEC 

- Grizz : 1 440 000 aUEC

Bonus from Cyberiank and Mac : 5 M aUEC

Total input as of now is : 16,680 M aUEC

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dr_zli AAR OP - JumpTown 15.1.2022
I participated as a ground security personnel during the event from 14-23:30 UTC

Since this would be my first pvp battle in SC i chose my loadout this way:
- all medium armor
- P4 AR and 10 clips of ammo, 2x Holo attachment and silencer
- medgun and 5 med pens

My reasoning: as with every other FPS I played movement is always crucial so med armor won't prevent me from sprinting all the time and will present a smaller target than the bulkier heavy armor. I chose rifle because my reasoning was that our opponents would run with LMGs, GLs and sniper/railgun rifles judging from experience from all the youtube videos about pvp I could watch.

We started with the airdrop which didn't end well since the ship exploded. I think that I might be responsible for that since I was in a fast mover as a driver while the landing was taking place. Very sorry about that, lesson learned is that you must not be in vehicles while the other ship is flying -_-
After we suffered a cargo hijack I volunteered to be a cargo security in a carrack. This is when our major fps pvp battle took place.
While I was watching the entrance of the lab and our logi personnel loading the...hm... herbs, I noticed one random guy in armor hiding between crates. That was the guy who saw one of our packets below the lab and went on to grab it. I called the target and got the permission to engage and soon he was neutralized. This is when his friend appeared and tried to revive him, I continued shooting and managed to wound his friend but they ran away and got into fights with all of us and our air security detail which neutralized them on the ground. 
Since they started the usual "us poor victims and this evil org" tirade on the chat I expected them to return with friends which they did to my great pleasure. The second assault was done with a cutlass black with a green skin which started deploying people on the roof of the lab and around the perimeter. Soon two guys tried to enter the carrack but were swiftly dispatched by me. At that time cutlass relocated to the top of carrack and they found another entrance since 3 guys then appeared from the ship and behind my back. All three of them were quickly dealt with. 

Lessons learned: Armor is great, awesome mobility. I was constantly moving and I'm pleased to report that all the tactics from general FPS gameplay are good here. So move left and right when in an engagement and this will give you a greater chance of dodging all the incoming fire. During the engagement I suffered only one wound from the back which got me to 36% health. AR I chose is also great. Excellent precision and ability to shoot single/auto really helped a lot. I can also recommend 2xholo attachment since it gave me excellent vision both for med range and short range targets.
What they did wrong: attack me one at a time. One on one I will get almost anyone. If they grouped up and primaried me I would be dead in seconds. So they lacked organization and coordination. Also, they all had LMGs. The time to get LMG to firing position and actually fire the first shot is a lot longer than time needed to aim and fire the AR. I would strongly recommend we take the AR as our primary weapon in pvp engagements.

During the downtime we practiced bringing the comm array down. Lessons learned - entrances are near the place where solar panels attach to the superstructure, you don't get a CS for hacking it and there is a cooldown after hacking which lasts for at least 5 minutes where turrets don't shoot at the ships near the array.

During the Yela OP I was in a lab providing security for our cargo and later I took the role of a machine operator bringing our production of khm...herbal essences to 101%

All in all, it was a great pleasure to play with all of you and I'm looking forward to more stuff like this.
Special thanks for our amazing C&C, my team members, other teams and Cyberian and Morse for scooping me up while I was chiling in space on my butt.


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