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Date : Saturday 22nd 2022

Time : starting at 15h UTC (be there on time please)

Rally point : ARC-L1

Organizers : @Morse & @macgivre

Unfolding :  

- Preparing the assets (14h to 15h UTC)

- Briefing (15h to 15h15)

- FPS scenario (start at 15h20 UTC)

- Debrief / feedback or maybe a 2nd run if people are interested

Equipment needed :  

You need nothing ! Armor and weapons will be provided for the event. The classic rifleman role will consist of a P4-AR rifle with a Behring x4 optic. Specialist roles will be in limited number and they will have different weapons loadout (anti-tank, marksman, machine gunner).

What is this event about :  

The goal is to try a PvP ground OP scenario where each side will have their own briefing and an objective to complete in multiple steps. You may think of it like the "Rush" game mode in Battlefield.

For those who don't know what this gamemode is, it is basically an "attack/defend" scenario. There are multiples objectives and the attacking team must complete an objective before moving on to the next one. Victory is achieved either when all attackers are dead or if attackers managed to complete all objectives.

However, depending on the number of players interested, the scenario's complexity and assets involved may change.

The bare-bone scenario is to have the UEE marines engage a Ninetails underground bunker. It will be the main target with NPCs inside and some Ninetails players outside to help defend it.

The mission will at least be focusing on those aspects :

- mechanized infantry battle (mechanized =! armored, so no Nova tonks)

- infantry medium-range engagement

- infantry Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

- EVA boarding and hacking of a comm array

- medical gameplay in a combat environment

- communication between squads

Potential aspects of the mission if we are a lot of players :

- Close Air Support / Dropship / Gunship

- Air superiority fighter

- Ship boarding in EVA

In order to prepare the briefings, gather the loot and prepare the objectives, we need to have an estimation of the number of participants and what they would like to do. If you are interested, please let us know by reacting with either of the emoji below.



🔺️= vehicle crewmember (driver or turret operator)

🔶️= infantry (rifleman, specialist, combat medic)

🔴= combat pilot/crewmen (pilot or turret operators in dropship, gunship, fighter)

Once we have a better understanding of what everyone is willing to do, we will provide teams setup and then you will be able to choose a faction (in order to keep the teams somewhat balanced). Keep in mind tho that this event is focused on ground warfare, so we need a lot of people on the ground and none or only a few in the air.


- EVENTS MAY BE RECORDED - Please behave
- Please make every effort to have your spawn set @ designated Rally Points BEFORE Op Start Time
- ALL SCB / IMPERIUM Members are welcome,
- Late joiners will struggle to join the event. Please, try to be ready on time for the briefing and OP start
- Please send in-game friend request to morse27400 for party invites
- Command personnel please download and install Microsoft Whiteboard for Operation Tracking (https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/microsoft-365/microsoft-whiteboard/digital-whiteboard-app)

If you plan to attend, please see the discord announcement and respond with the colored shape that represents your preferred role to facilitate planning. Any and all inquiries can be PM'd to @Morse directly.

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