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Hello everyone. Just got the game and been playing  but it's been a buggy/crashing mess. Lost more than 100k, which someone geacecously donated, and now it's almost gone. From random crashes to the more severe, going out of jump and my ship blowing up for no reason, to my game glitches as I'm ending jump and I dont stop because I can't do anything and when the game comes to I crashed to whatever I was heading towards.. 


Anyway perhaps my system just can't run it as much as I'd love to be able to play.. 


I have an Asus Tuf A15

Ryzen 7 4000 series

Invidia GTX1660Ti

16gh ram 

1tb ssd.where the game is installed on. 

Im not too computer savy so if anyone needs to know more just ask.


Thanks everyone in advance

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Upgrade the RAM to 32 if you can, don't play on a wifi connection, and drop the graphics to a level that you don't chug. Your 1660ti is a bit weak for the game to run on anything higher than medium at 1080p. Additionally, turn off resource hungry graphics options like Vsync, film grain, motion blur, etc... and don't use sharpen unless you want to. Also be sure you're connecting to servers that are closer to your region, and not to places that are going to have very high pings.  You might also want to consider doing a verify run or reinstalling the game just in case there's some kind of issue with the current installation.

Finally, remember the game is in Alpha and you will experience bugs, so if it frustrates you a lot, take a step back from it for awhile, then come back.

All of this said, the game itself is designed to push PCs to the limits of what they can do, and it isn't optimized yet, so don't worry about performance issues too much. It'll get there. :)

Oh and make sure that the laptop is actually choosing the 1660ti to try to run the game and isn't having some kind of internal logic mess and trying to swap to a potential onboard video processor.

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+ take some time when spawning in a bed to let the game load a little bit. 
For example after a patch or a reinstall, my first session is laggy like hell (4 to 5 frames per minutes) during ... like 15 minutes cause the game is re-loading all the environments. 

Do not worry for the 100k, when you will be a little bit more experienced, it will represent 20 to 30 mn of game :)

Then you have all the bugs that you learn the hard way : 
Before launching a quantum travel, kill you velocity to 0, in case you re-emerge at full speed in the middle of an asteroïd field (happened to me 2 or 3 times). 
Keep a reasonnable speed limit in any case, a fighter may have cruise speed near a station of 500 m/s, but a bigger ship, less manoeuverable, will approach at 200 to 300 m/s. 

With too much latency (on servers located on another continent), I experienced some "desynch", with the game not responding for 10-15 secondes, then rolling back to a previous positions of rolling forward inside the ground. 

You also have a lots of features that are here to bring an hardcore feeling to the game (engine shutting down or explosing if you overheat too much)... 

So the most tricky part may be to differentiate what is trully a bug from a legitimate (yet annoying) feature :)

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