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Is this game broken on Windows 11?


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Just downloaded the game and performance is really bad despite having a pretty high end system (RTX 3080, 5600x, 32g of RAM, Samsung 908 EVO M.2).  No matter where I am, I can't get above 35 fps and many times see my FPS drop into the teens.  Is this a Windows 11 issue.  All other games I own run fine and even CPU hogs like Cyberpunk 2077 run well.  Afterburner shows that GPU utilization is often at 40% or less.  Thanks!

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Need to have no background programs running if possible. SC grabs 8g of that ram right out of the gate.

16 G memory will work, but 32g is much better so you are good there. An SSD drive will immediately show amazing benefit.

First time in after a patch it seems like standing still for five minutes or so improves gameplay. So I load it in and run it, then go read the patch notes. This is partially because anywhere in one of the city environments will slam you with data and the initial spawn after a large patch will be in one of the planet side cities. Flying out of the city will improve things.


As to the Windows upgrade... Windows 11 is in the Never Use Version 1.0 phase (my opinion). It is reported to look better, but I have not seen any feature that tempts me to  upgrade and I have already suggested to people to wait for at least the first patch. Your mileage may vary.

Alerting folks here as to any problems and work around for W-11 would be awesome.

At times like this, somebody has to hold the grass down and make a new path. - DRUM out


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Agreed with others, right now 30-40 FPS isn't bad for a good system (I'm also running a similar setup as you and see the same FPS running on Windows 10).  The only other part of a computer build I've seen help is to have a SSD that's specific to and only has Star Citizen loaded on it.

Edit:  I should note I'm running the game on a 3440 x 1440 monitor

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On 12/30/2021 at 6:55 PM, Chimaera said:

@astreangebiscuit I've also heard that going into the nvidia settings and enabling shared memory access for the CPU/Video card it will help with frames. Also to consider that you'll get higher frames in space / low populations zones, while the big planets/cities are likely to chug, especially in Orison.

got a link to this detail?

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