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Terrible Performance


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19 hours ago, ManicOrphans said:

Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong, i have a i7 9700k, 16gb ram and a rtx 2080super and all settings on low the game performance is awful.

32GB RAM is essential as is an SSD. That said, there is a big performance hit because of Easy Anti Cheat when you first get in. Also, Orison is terrible, so if you are there, get off asap.

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As my fellow orgmates have stated, Star Citizen likes to hoard any and all available RAM. Oftentimes I see it easily using 18GB+ of my available 32GB. So increasing your RAM from 16GB to 32GB should see some massive improvements. Additionally if you don't already have Star Citizen installed on an SSD then that is definitely a requirement as an HDD simply won't be able to keep up with the constant streaming of assets. I still remember going from HDD to SSD back in the day and it was a massive improvement. Then I went from SSD to M.2 SSD and I also noticed additional benefits; likely due to the higher transfer rates of a M.2 drive vs a regular 2.5" SSD. :)

Hope this helps! ;)


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I know plenty of people playing with 16GB of RAM.

Put the game on an SSD.

Go to your windows environment variables and put the paging file on the same SSD.  

Set the min value on the Page file to 1.5 x your physical memory.  And the Max size you can make like 4-8 GB's bigger.

See if that helps.  The paging file being on the SSD gained me  a lot of Frames.



*there is also a Nvidia setting now with the latest driver to set your shader cache size.  Some guy on Spectrum played with it and stated setting that to 10GB actually improves performance once the shader is filled.  The asterisk is there as I made the change, have not had time to go test it though.

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