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[TBAC] The British Are Coming


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The British Are Coming

►  Our goal is to continue being one of the most active UK organisations in the verse!

►  We exist to explore the possibilities offered for player made content through weekly sector nights, special events and organised inter-Org wargames.

►  We believe Star Citizen shines brightest when experienced with others as such we are looking for chilled, fun, friendly citizens to join our Org. Whatever your interest might be, we have you covered. Join TBAC and get involved with enjoying the verse together.


  • Military sector is the armoured branch of TBAC. Citizens who were born into the verse to kill and are looking for combat action, PvP & group operations are welcome to join the military Sector. Whether you want to aid fellow troops in combat missions with your space ships or want to safeguard our brave mining/smuggling pilots, the Military Sector is everything you’ve ever dreamt about! If you don’t have those skills, we will help train you to be the best Pilot, Marine or Special Forces operative you can be. Turn your name RED and join the military, help protect your Org mates, bring justice to the verse and generally have fun shooting stuff.


  • Industrial citizens who were born into the verse to make money, trade goods, mine rare minerals, haul cargo or want to research & build their way through the solar system, every organisation needs money men to keep the engines running and the QT flowing, turn your name GREEN and network with other miners to find the best deposit, discuss trade routes and find the most profitable runs, there are lots of ways to make money in the game, if you ask Military nicely they might just escort your arse across the galaxy.


  • Science & Exploration permeates so much in the verse and our role will be as diverse as it is deep. Don’t be fooled by people who tell you there is nothing to explore just yet! When each patch goes live, we can be found searching for everything from great mining spots, great trade runs to new locations on planets and more. Join the sector and help us forge a path forward whilst growing in number. All under the banner of exploration. Our role is vast and we aim to take point on discovering new opportunities as well as locations! Oh and let’s not forget science! Medical gameplay is here and falls squarely into our science division. Yet another area with awesome supportive opportunities. We are the pioneers, the scouts, the explorers and when times are hard, the backbone that keeps the hearts of our citizens beating. Turn your name BLUE.




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